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Could some one please check my match history and explain why im not silver, I have 40 wins and 20 losses and still I am in bronze?
It's going to promote you when your win/loss ratio starts to hit a plateau. Right now the system is trying to decide exactly where you belong.
So if I have 60 wins and 30 losses, by then it should decide for the rank up to silver or keep me in my league
don't worry about it, it will even out in time.

Earlier this season i was 19-3 on this account in the silver league and it is still in silver. That isn't due to smurfing or ladder hating me the system simply isn't that keen to fast promotions except in the case of serious mistakes. just keep playing and wait it out. nobody really cares about the difference between bronze and silver anyway.
Yeah, the main thing is that your results need to be consistently within a new skill range. If you sometimes still lose to players with lower MMR, but also win against players with higher MMR, the matchmaking system wont know what to do, and you will stay in your league.
just keep winning more than you lose.

I had something like 30-4 win/loss before I was promoted.
Stay at the top of your division. It helps motivate you to go higher.

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