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According to this quiz, I am an SCV. That sucks. I felt more like a Raven, exceptional in only a few situations. Also just sits in front of a computer all day.

That quiz is BS :-P

I'd probably be a Zealot. Trying to be honorable, but kinda lazy until I get charged up.
You stand tall as the mighty colossus. You merely walk over any obstacle, and purge the enemy.
lol the quiz told me this : P
I live in the middle of nowhere, I do crazy stuff, and im a pretty fast runner so i guess a zergling :D
I got the SCV as well - I think everyone who plays macro games will get the SCV.
I'd say I'm an SCV. That test also says I'm an SCV. My portrait says I'm the head SCV guy, who had a suit that was a mix between an SCV and a Marauder. I might switch to the Marauder portrait sometime in the future, since I think it looks cool.
Though, I still have a little bit of Zealot in me, enjoying getting up-close and personal with an enemy (in general, not specifically SC2).
ima zergling
Thor, because I have a moustache and wear COOL sunglasses while listening to powermetal.

Maybe a little Marauder because I almost lost my fingers a couple times in work-related incidents.
The Immortal. Stubborn. Powerful. An ancient breed of warrior. (Soon none will remain?!)

But really I'm the Executor: Supreme Commander of the Protoss fleet.
im a viking. im tough, good vs everything and can adapt to the situation.
lol the drone guy... that made me laugh.

I'd say sentry. Small but try to use tactics and intelligence to swing things in my favor. I also dont hit very hard...
I am a Lurker, I lurk in forums and never post.
I am a carrier....pointless and irrelevant except in very rare instances and when I do show up...no one pays attention to me because I am pointless and irrelevant.

Big, ugly, intimidating.

Constantly getting shot down before I get anywhere.
I'm an Archon!
I'm an Observer.

mostly a pacifist and easy to overlook.
also I don't even play SC2 anymore, I just like to watch.
I'm a Vulture. Fast rude and don't give a ......
I'd be a high templar; kinda slow and fragile, but I have a deep burning desire to smite my enemies with lightning.
Archon. Used to be normal size, found beer, became massive :D

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