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Swarm host, I hide underground and poop out massive amounts of children.
The quiz says SCV...but I would be a baneling. When all else fails, I would blow up in the enemy's face and surrender.
11/13/2012 07:07 PMPosted by Flare

i am a brood lord :D
i think i would be a zealot

invisible protis sni-
Archon, I'm a Siamese twin.
So according to the quiz, I'm an SCV.
I'm a Templar. Watch out for my lightning!
Brood Lord......
I'm a vulture, cuz I'm a rebel, sayin stupid sh*t, useful against smaller units than me...
Ghost. I see things before they happen. And I'm stealthy.
Queen of Blades obviously.
So the quiz says SCV; that means I'm a Probe.

I'd be Jim Raynor in Piercing of the Shroud casual mode... 1000 health XD
I dunno what's the most useless unit in Sc2?
I am the Automaton 2000 that other players either just ignore as nothing of consequence or destroy at their leisure.

According to this quiz, I am an SCV. That sucks. I felt more like a Raven, exceptional in only a few situations. Also just sits in front of a computer all day.

PotatoLISK doesn't seem like an aggressive unit like the reaper, nor is he badass enough to be Spectre. The ghost will have to do then.

Got medivac
Either banshee or ghost. : P
Carrier 1st, Ghost 2nd.

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