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I'm a carrier, because i suck
Overlords are, quite literally, probably the most important Zerg unit.
Zerg - Overlords = Completely helpless.
Somewhat like Terrans - Supply Depots = Completely helpless.
Or, Protoss - Pylons = Completely helpless.
Am I right, or am I right?

Anyways, a bit more on topic, I'd probably be an Immortal.
Stubborn, annoying, but not a massive threat alone.
I Would Be An Ultralisk Fat Lazy Until Attacking Then I Start To Spasm Because Im Running And Wouldn't Have The Energy To Run Up To The Marines And Marauders Shooting Me
Dark Templar!
11/17/2012 03:55 PMPosted by masternoob
I'm a carrier, because i suck

You lie.
you are a firebat.

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