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OOC: No. No sex. Logan isn't that kind of guy. I'm sorry. I will reveal what Markus' power of "thief" does and I rather not do that in front of Umbra. Jessica is formally my character and I rather not have her raped. (Especially since it would be for the second time, I guess.)
"I am easily bored. When I'm bored, I need something to happen. I will ask you to do something interesting. If you do not, we do this my way." Umbra accompanies this final part with a high, girlish laugh that splits with the content of her words.
OOC: I WANTED LOGAN TO SEE HER NAKED! Not have sex with her. He doesn't even realize that he has a crush on her and he's the type that TAKES HIS TIME with women. He hasn't even had sex before in his life. He's been too busy with school and work" IC: "Back off, lady. Jessica obviously needs rest."
10/31/2012 07:10 PMPosted by CrymsonRaven


10/31/2012 07:10 PMPosted by CrymsonRaven
Not have sex with her.


10/31/2012 07:10 PMPosted by CrymsonRaven
He doesn't even realize that he has a crush on her and he's the type that TAKES HIS TIME with women

(ノ ゜Д゜)ノ ︵ ┻━┻

10/31/2012 07:10 PMPosted by CrymsonRaven
He hasn't even had sex before in his life.

┻━┻ ︵ヽ( ゜Д゜)ノ︵ ┻━┻
Shut up.
The broodlings record this (threesome?) tryst and skitters away. The video is uploaded online for all to see by a certain lurker.

I'll stop now.
Shut up.
OOC: Servers back online!

IC: I take off my shirt and pants. Luckily I still have my cloaking suit on, so I'm not exposed. I throw it to Jessica. "Cover yourself please." Markus blocks Umbra's view of Jessica, but he doesn't look at her.
I cover myself as best I could and glare at Umbra.
"I'll be fine Logan thank you though. Umbra we are not you play things so nothing is going to happen."

I sigh and pick up Jessica and exit the classroom. I head towards her room so she could at least get herself covered.
Markus follows them out and I walk out the room backwards, glaring at Umbra. I turn around and run after Markus.

"Who was that?"

"I'll tell you later. Just stay the !@#$ away from her."
Akia felt a pain in her chest, and collapsed on the floor. It seared, burned, and felt like her heart would tear out of her chest. She grasped her shirt and tore it. As she kneeled on the ground, the sound of a clock ticking reverberated in her mind. Ticking, ticking endlessly.
Dragging herself painfully to her feet she looked at herself in the window, looking at the reflection.
Her eyes widened, on her back was the image of a clock, a clock painted in blood, and the needles of the clock ticking slowly.
She stammered, "Abel. He has a mark on his back..."
She slowly walked, still with the clothing on her back torn, the image of the clock still visible towards the messhall.
Within her mind she saw memories, memories of someone else, a memory of her sitting next to a far younger Abel. But a single glance in the mirror behind him showed a completely different face.
She grasped her face and started to tremble. A brilliant blue shade of energy was forming into a rapier, a dark blue weapon. The antithesis of Abel's red.
Abel had also stood up, the back of his jacket was also torn revealing the image of the clock on his back.
The spear of red energy had re-formed, but this time it was darker, and more sinister than before.
"Akia," Abel said, "The first-born. And the one Born from a mix of Wynn, Mastemia, and blood."
She drew her deep blue rapier and stabbed at Abel, "What did you do to me!?"
Abel shook his head, "I did nothing to you, you always had that mark, ever since you were created. It just vanishes from your memory, whenever you recall it. How does it feel to not be truly human. How does it feel to be like me? The clock, the sound of it ticking, the fact it governs your life. I spared you that fate, and once more I shall spare you from it again. The fate that I, and the rest must tread."
He whirled around the dark ashes of the spear, it deconstructed, and reformed.
Abel said cooly,
"Shadow, I know you can hear me. You claimed to know everything about me, so tell me. Who am I, and Where did I originate from. And what are my abilities?"

OOC: I decided to only do a summary of the world of darkness and skip to the clock tower of heaven section of my story. I apologize for any thoughts I might skim through the whole thing.'
11/01/2012 04:13 AMPosted by Fantasy
How does it feel to be like me? The clock, the sound of it ticking, the fact it governs your life.

Did this idea come from the manga Pandora Hearts by any chance, Fantasy? It's a good series.
"Thank you Flint." We enter my room and Flint sets me down on my bed and brings me one of my extra uniforms. He walks over to the door and makes sure no one else comes in while I change.
I stand outside Jessica's door to make sure she's okay. I watch to make sure Umbra doesn't come by. I shake a little bit at the thought.

"What's wrong with you? You're shaking like a leaf!"

"Shut up, Markus."

"Listen you, I don't know what's going on, but that I remember that woman. I saw her earlier. She has a bad... aura about her. What are you not telling me?"

"It's better that I not explain it. When Jessica and Flint are done in there, we'll talk to them."

"That it? That's all you're giving me?"

"I don't feel like talking to you right now."

"Oh, I see. This is about earlier. You know, I would feel a little bit bad right now if you didn't leave to die back there on that planet."

"I didn't leave you."

"Then where were you. The land was destroyed around me by that ship and I had to limp away because of the drugs that lunatic stabbed into me. I'm still can't move right."

"Yeah, I noticed that. Listen, I didn't leave you. I was teleported onto that ship by the crew. The captain said something about me being his ancestor."

"Bull!@#$, you never had kids."

"THANKS!" I say sarcastically. I am annoyed. "That's what I told him, but he thinks maybe I go back and have kids. I was going to help you when I was teleported away."


"You know I love you, though you've been a jackass. I wouldn't leave you to die, you know that."

"Yeah, I do. I just need to hear it."

"You shouldn't have to."

"It was an easy assumption to make."


"Don't push it."

Umbra decloaks half an inch behind Markus. "Hi. What'cha doing?'

I prefer to let you figure that out. Having the world laid out to you is ineffective. Oh, and the 'causing horrible pain' thing isn't cool. Kojak's doing CPR.
I slowly come to, my head pulsating from the fall. Must have hit it. I sit up, looking around. {Hey, can someone come get me? I'm impossible to miss, being as I just gave the asteroid a new crater, but it hurts to move.}
"What the-"

"Watch out!" I push Markus away. "What do you want Umbra?!"

"Where'd you come from!?"
Piss off, Nukester. My territory.

Umbra smiles. "Nothing. Just having a little fun. Oh, and taking a shot." She gulps down a shotglass of crimson liquid.

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