Pankoprulu Academy, Partition the 27th

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What can I say, people haven't found a definite way to keep Sister out. And this is the only way I can get her to practice her meditations- by giving her a goal.
OOC: I hope there is still bacon in the future.

IC: I finish my strange meat and I go back and get some pop.
I finally can't hold it back any longer. "Lurker meat tastes pretty good, wouldn't you agree?"
"What's a lurker?"
"One of the better tasting Zerg strains. Trust me, hydralisk meat is only good as jerky."
"... It is. Thank you."
"I would have said something sooner, but I didn't want to ruin your appetite. Next time, simply ask and I'll answer."
"I rather find out on my own."
I shrug. "Your choice."
I eat the lurker meat slower to try and !@#$ with his mind.
I finish eating with a chuckle and a shake of my head, standing up and heading to my room. Highway to Hell wanted it's turn, and I wasn't about to deny it.
OOC: "Highway to Hell"?

IC: I finish up but I decide to stay and drink some more pop.
"That may be Jesse but you can figure somethings out."
I turn to Logan. "There are psionic dampers, but they have to be implanted and I doubt there are any strong enough to knock Umbra's power down that much. Anyway most dampers are implanted when a psionic is really young and being taken into the Ghost program."
You're telling me you've never heard of AC/DC and the song Highway to Hell.

IC: Plugging the guitar back in and taking a seat on the now turned on amp, I start playing, the recording recognizing the song and starting almost immediately with the accompaniment.

Since I must ask...what the hell is going on right now?
Random BS. Just pick someone and interact with them. Now we can start the next mission.
As we reenter the Koprulu Sector, I connect with student minds. Time is short. Be prepared.
I keep playing, listening long enough to give an ok. {Shade, you gonna be up for this?}
What for?
The energy being taken away from me slowly had picked up pace, my body was using up more and more just to keep myself standing. {Yes...I'll be ready.} The second heart beat signaled that it was still alive deep within me.

Raven was sitting next to me. "Are you afraid that Umbra would try to do anything during that mission?"

I nod. "Yes, I'm just afraid of the outcome. Who's going to win?"

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