Pankoprulu Academy, Partition the 27th

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Ah yes, the only real way to defeat Abel must be a pillow fight. Didn't know he was in slumber parties.

Breaking Time breaks time...creating...paradoxes for a short amount of time if you think about it. Because it's an anomaly along with being a paradox. There are many mysteries in a world. Breaking time sounds more realistic then breaking the laws of physics.

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Everything has a price to pay, and I'm not talking about Abel losing his life either, for that is small compared to a true reaction.

And the Nydus Worm can't be as farfetched as the arrogant prick, known as Abel. It seriously fits his character. A person who lost loved ones, but then realized a power which he knew in his own perfect little world, would make him unstoppable.

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