Pankoprulu Academy, Partition the 27th

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{Not ready, Shade, prepared. You're pregnant for crying out loud.}
My hands were trembling from the loss of energy and my strength. {I am both ready and prepared. You don't have to worry about me, and if anything happens...I have Raven here to help me.}

Raven could hear the entire conversation. "Come. Let's prep the ship." With that he helped me up to my feet and started our trek.
{Prep your ship for what?} I finished playing and put the stuff up, prepping for the mission. Hopefully Falzar would help with the fight, but I'd only have the Blades versus my halberd. I'd have to fix that.
We stopped, had Cayl really hear Raven. With a shaky voice I spoke to Cayl. {Ship? Why would I need to prep it right now?}

Raven gave a quick signal and he took off towards the hanger, Cayl was listening to their conversation just as much as he was listening to theirs.
I head out of my room, bound for my SiegeHunter. {I heard Raven say something about prepping a ship and before that, something about Umbra. What are you worried about?}
The lack of energy was tolling my body but I had to press on with all I had. {It's nothing, we were discussing nothing of the such.} Turning off the comm for good this time. "That was close."
I sigh. They were doing something crazy, but that was their choice. I intended to stick this out til the end. I pass the dining hall and note that Markus hadn't left. "Hey, we're getting a mission underway soon, so let's go." I keep walking, not waiting for a response. This was big.
I found my way into the openness of the dining hall. I desperately needed energy, I could already feel the pain coursing through me. My body flushed from its color, the strain could be seen in my eyes.
OOC: First of all, Is this the Abel mission?
Second of all, Zark, did you get the taste of zerg from Memories?
I did. At least the Hydralisk, I'm not one hundred percent sure about the lurker. And I do believe it is the Abel mission.
10/27/2012 08:33 AMPosted by Zarkun
You're telling me you've never heard of AC/DC and the song Highway to Hell.

OOC: I know. I forget who played the song, but I wasn't sure if 26th century Cayl would know of the song.

IC: {{"Thing is, though, that since Kerrigan went rampant, they haven't used psionic dampeners. They decided to try something new. Now they use 'mind wipes' to erase ghosts' memories. They preform the procedure after you graduate. People call it 'brain panning'. They may use mind wipes after every mission if necessary to keep ghosts' from feeling sorry for their targets. The only known way to reverse the process is to use the spectre procedure, since the process increases and fixes neural pathways. That's how it increases psionic power in the first place."}}

"Wow, umm... That's a lot of information... So you're telling that-"

{{"There's no way to hold back Umbra without using immoral devices like psionic dampeners or mind controlling techniques like mind wipes."}}

"And this ship probably doesn't have state of the art prisoner quarters..."

{{"I wouldn't know."}}
"A mission? What do you mean?" I ask as I follow him, slightly annoyed.
"Well Jesse they used psionic dampers again with a few of the people in my class. They also used the mind wipes with them. As for this ship having prisoner quarters, that isn't likely."
"We run missions to prevent the Commune from waking up Di Carnal. This is one of them. Unfortunately, there's a hitch to this one. You and your brother won't be able to help much on the first part being psionic." I reach the cargo hold and find my vehicle where I'd left it. "Might want to stay out of sight for a moment, you aren't marked as friendly with my targeting system yet."
{{"Weird, they didn't use them when I was there. Were you before or after me in the program? We didn't meet until after we joined the spectre program, I remember."}}

"*sigh* Damn it. Can't do anything huh?" I sit down in the chair next to me.
"Who is the Commune?" I hang back getting even more annoyed at being told what to do.
I climb in and enter Markus and Logan as friendlies. [Think evil organization out to own everything. Di Carnal is a nine year old who can bend reality and has major issues of the disturbed type. I only know what I saw in Shadow's memory though. Not much else. That memory was enough though.] I climb out and tap her side. "Oh, you're good now. I entered you in as friendly."
I walk out into the room. "Why would this Di Carnel bother helping the Commune if he's so powerful? I doubt a kid like that would be easy to control just like the one in the 'Twilight Zone' episode."
I shrug. "From what I can tell, they think they have a way to control him. I mean, Flint said they'd gained control of a whole tribe of Protoss, and they're perhaps the most powerful psionics around."
"How did that work out for them?"
"No idea. I'd just arrived at the Academy shortly after they got done with that particular mission. Good chance we'll find out soon though."
"So what happens during the mission?"

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