8 changes that would remove 80% of complaints

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EDIT: In light of the discussion going around on this thread, I agreed with a lot of you and have proposed an alternative solution to late-game TvP by altering Feedback instead of removing energy on Thor and Battlecruisers. To keep the number of suggestions at 8, I have also proposed a change to the Corruptor's ability. Thanks for the positive feedback and criticism, everyone.

  • Infestor: Fungal Growth slows units by 80%.
  • Broodlord/Infestor is currently too strong of a combination. Along with other changes (see below), the slight nerf to fungal should help to alleviate the issue. Also, players now have a chance to escape from Zerg casting repeated Fungal Growths on stuck units.

  • Hydralisk: Range increased by 1. Hydralisk attack upgrades changed from +1 to +2
  • With a nerf to Fungal Growth, Hydralisks have been buffed to compensate. Hydralisk damage has been made to scale better in the late-game. A range buff has been added to let Hydralisks attack from the relative safety of outside the range of some other units.

  • Corruptor: Corruption no longer increases damage taken. Instead, Corruption slows attack speed by 15 percent on a single unit. The effect can stack and lasts 15 seconds.
  • This change to the Corruptor gives the unit more utility than it's current form. Corruptors can fly in before a battle to target high-damage units such as Tanks, Collosi, Thor, and Archons and decrease their damage output. Targeting Carriers affects their interceptors.

  • Ghost: Sniper Round damage changed from 25(+25 vs psionic) to 25 (+25 to non-massive units)
  • Sniper Round was changed to the current version to prevent Terran from massing Ghosts against Zerg T3 units. However, this change overlaps with EMP, another spellcaster counter. This is unnecessary. Sniper Round has been reverted to something resembling it's old design, increasing Ghost utility, while still preventing Ghosts from being too powerful against Massive units.


  • High Templar: Massive units targeted by Feedback only lose half of their energy.
  • This effectively halves the Feedback damage taken by BCs and Thor. Battlecruisers with full energy targeted by 1 feedback can still fire Yamato, and Thor would only need 25 energy to fire Strike Cannons. Multiple Feedbacks can be cast, though, but at a cost of requiring more Templar energy.

  • Void ray: Stage 1 damage changed from 6 (+4 vs Armored) to 4 (+8 vs Armored)
    Stage 2 damage changed from 8 (+8 vs Armored) to 6 (+ 12 vs Armored)
  • Currently, Corruptors can take Void Rays on pretty well for cost. This change increases total damage to Armored units, which makes Void Rays a better counter against Broodlord/Corruptor/Infestor, but likewise more vulnerable to unarmored units like Mutalisks and Hydralisks. This, along with the change to fungal growth, attempts to reduce the heavy dependance of the Mothership-Archon/Infestor-Broodlord scenarios in late-game PvZ. With the nerf to Feedback, Rays also become a better counter to Thor and Battlecruiser.

  • Carrier: When commanded, Interceptors will correctly attack new targets in the "leash range" of the Carrier without returning.
  • Carriers has been reverted to more closely resemble Brood War mechanics. This will not affect lower leagues while returning some micro mechanics in higher leagues to make Carriers a better unit in the hands of a skilled player.

  • Interceptors will regenerate shields upon returning to the Carrier.
  • This is a small change that was also in Brood War that will help increase the durability of Interceptors and make the Carrier a more micro-intensive unit.

    Thanks for the positive and constructive comments, everyone.
    Normally when these threads pop up the suggested changes are really, really stupid.

    Surprisingly, I find myself agreeing with every suggested change.

    +1 to all of these ideas. Liked the OP.
    No to the BC changes,

    Hydralisk i'm not so sure, but no meaningful complaints it needs to be looked at very closely. I'll let it pass.

    Yes to everything else. Good post.
    Actually not bad, would like to see it implemented (or somthing close to) and adjusted if needed.

    Though I think there might be a small need for a minor damage nerf to carrier (very minor) but im not sure.
    I would like to see hydras changed in a different way, with or without a range increase.

    If you increased the health and decreased the damage of hydras it might make them melt less to collosus/storms/tanks while not making them too good. The speed upgrade could possibly be moved up, maybe require an infestation pit instead of the hive.
    I would like to mention that hydralisk dps is fantastic, their longevity is what makes them unusable.

    They are too weak with a combination of being targeted by too many other units (no range buffer to preserve them substantially) and also their crappy health (they die extremely fast to splash damage).

    There lack in speed makes them fall short where stalkers shine, it is usually quite easy to achieve an effective concave with stalkers because they move fast enough to get into position BEFORE THEY DIE. They lack similar strengths compared to marines but this is mainly because marine hitboxes are so much smaller they are much easier to make efficient (even better with stim in terms of getting a quick concave).

    Them being so slow also makes them extremely inefficient versus air when you look at how marines and stalkers and thors function.

    Marines can activate their entire surface area by stimming underneath air units, stalkers can blink under air units, and thors have fantastic range. Hydras move so slowly that something like 85% is likely not going to be attacking and it is very easy to outmanouver a hydra army because of it (even on creep).

    I don't know about the removal of energy bars on yamato considering how freaking good the yamato cannon is at clumped air and clumped ground.

    Ghost change, 100% agree I would love to see it tested

    Fungal, I would be ok with if hydras were made better; I would like to see that you suggest that fungal ATLEAST doesn't root massive units; forcefields crushed by massive so let massive at least move from fungal (stops 5 stacked bc's from getting pinned)
    Seems Legit.
    Battlecruiser: Energy bar removed. Yamato Cannon has been given a cooldown timer.
    Battlecruisers can no longer be targeted by Feedback.

    disagree, yamato is 100 energy in beta which means you can cast it twice. it is more useful this way.
    Why not just make Feedback do half damage to massive units ?
    I like these bro.
    Cool, these are actually not bad. +1
    In my opinion, snipe would be better as 35 (+10 non-massive)
    wow these are pretty awesome changes
    Infestor: Fungal Growth slows units by 80%.
    Broodlord/Infestor is currently too strong of a combination. Along with other changes (see below), the slight nerf to fungal should help to alleviate the issue. Also, players now have a chance to escape from Zerg casting repeated Fungal Growths on stuck units.
    Banes ultras and broods need to be faster now.
    I thought it was going to be another bad thread but...

    I really, really like these changes, though I think Snipe could have 5 or 10 more damage against Massive.

    The Thor's Strike Cannons need to be redesigned though, it was OP the last time it had a cooldown.

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