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I've noticed a lot of terran players struggling against protoss in the silver/gold leagues, so heres some helpful tips on how to deal with protoss.

1. 1 Rax FE. Most protoss players will typically do a 1 gate expand so you can feel safe expanding early. Make sure you scout continually for a 4 gate. If you scout it, throw down bunkers and repair when the attack hits.

2. Don't go mech. A few siege tanks or hellion drops are fine, as well is the Hammer 1/1/1. Hellion, Siege tank, thor is not as effective in the late game especially when colossus and hts are out.

3. Multi-prong attacks and Drops. Continual drops are one of the most effective ways to cripple a protoss in the mid-game. Dropping in the main while dropping at the natural or third are the ways to go. Protoss armies are very immobile, use that to your advantage.

4. Constant scouting. This is more of a general skill you should already be doing, but there are some important things you should watch out for when your scanning/scouting. If you see double forges being chronoed, robotics bay being chronoed, or templar archives being chronoed, it would be wise to drop and snipe the building before the upgrade finishes.

5. Marauders AND Marines. Marauder heavy is the way to go in late game TvP, but you should still be making marines as well. Marines are what you need for kiting the chargelots, dont forget that.

6. Ghosts. Carpet bombing the protoss army, and especially units such as high templars and archons can easily turn an engagement in your favour. Make sure you have ghost cloak. If you scan their army and they have no observers, run in with a team of ghosts and snipe high templars/emp, then move in with your army.

7. DON'T STAND IN STORMS! If a protoss player drops a storm, dont just stand in it. Storm does more damage the longer your in it, so if storms drop, move out of it! Splitting your army is also effective when trying to dodge storms.

8. Good Positioning. Don't just stim your army into a Protoss deathball. Try to find an engagement in which you have an advantage. Stimming right into the army on flat ground is asking for your army to be force-fielded in half.

Once again, this is meant for Gold/silver league players struggling with Protoss. As a protoss player, I find the above things, coupled with my own mistakes, is what usually spells doom for me.

Please comment respectfully.
i didn't really struggle in gold/silveri n TvP. it was TvZ that was a pain then.
I rarely struggle with PvTs at all. Every terran player I play complains that protoss is op so I thought I'd post this to help lower level terran players against protoss.
You could really just simplify this down to one statement.

1. Macro, then A-move

still works in plat =)
I played up to PLat, and what I noticed is that Protoss is likely to 1 base all in actually. What you need to do as a Terran is to do Marauder 1 rax expand and defend that all in. If you cannot finish the Protoss off after that, you need to deny that Protoss 3rd base! If they secure that you are kind of screwed.

As Terran, Protoss is hardest matchup at this level. Terran is easiest by far to beat, then Zerg then Protoss. I could not bring myself to play other races because Terran looks so cool, but I really do want to play Protoss and Zerg...Zerg is just so disgusting and Protoss zealot holds glowsticks and Stalkers look like spiders urgh.
honestly, T can one base and cheese their way into masters and beyond against P. The reason they get rocked so hard is because P macro and engagements are so much easier going into late game.
You could really just simplify this down to one statement.

1. Macro, then A-move

still works in plat =)

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