The Exodus

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Log 1.......Begin
Time: N/A
Location: Space, Unknown Planet

The Exodus. A time of removal, being forcefully kicked out by the general public. We were marked as mutants, degenerates, outcasts, evil. History will look upon this day as exactly as that. As the filth was being removed from their planet by the government that had once protected us.

History is written by the victor. History is written by liars.

It was true, we were going to be kicked out from our homes, sent away to some far-away planet where we would be put through hell from day one. However, fortune smiled on us when we broke free, and forced them off the ship. Exodus. How ironic, for the name of a ship. We had taken the ship as far away as we could from what had once been our home. We took to a place where very few looked, to a place where we could find a new home for us to settle, and renew a home for those like us.

We had found it.

Settling at our new home, we had to scavenge and reuse everything that we had brought. Our ship, our original prison, became our life-line for getting technology. But, we knew that starting fresh would not be easy. We had set up home here, getting used to everything.

A beautiful planet. Our planet.......

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