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what is the most cost efficient way to stop banshees after you 1 rax fe.

Should i go Marines +scan? viking +scan. 2 turrets per mineral line. etc
cost efficient would be raven with marines into viking, but all i ever do considering I go bio mech is get 2 turrets and then use marines.
1 viking will do fine. And as soon as you see banshees coming, save 1 scan and use your viking
depends on how early you get out that starport. cloaked banshee can hit pretty early so well before your starport gets out after 1 rax FE so you need to get turrets at least for detection range.
Well if i go 1 rax fe into 1/1/1 i just get out a viking and turrets if im going bio/tank, if im going mech i get out a viking+raven. If i for a more bio heavy build like thorzains build, then i just build marines and save scan. Just try not to stray too far from your initial build to kill the banshees. Like going 1 rax fe into 3 rax and then building a starport just to get out a raven and viking.

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