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Idea 1:
Hellions/Hellbats set biological units on fire (preferably just zealots somehow, lings would die anyway but I wouldn't want Tanks too stronk vs Roaches).

-Targets burn for a few seconds (from a debuff). This damage doesn't have to be significant.

-Sieged Tanks do bonus damage to burning targets, this is the significant part.

Terran can use the speed of Hellions to burn the Protoss front line, Tanks clean up the zealots. Being able to do this (as well as play against it) will reward the more skilled player. Immortals aren't the main issue, although most people including myself used to think so. This whole idea could even be reversed. Sieged Tanks can apply some sort of debuff (some sort of combustible shrapnel) which Hellion then ignite causing bonus damage to the Zealots. (Of course it would have to somehow not make Mech ridiculous vs Zerg and Terran.)
Idea 2:
This is something missing from SC2 altogether really. Stuns. And I think with Zerg and Toss having control spells, it fits right in with Terran.

-Sieged Tank fire should Stun enemy units very briefly. Around a second. This prevents them from getting surrounded and voided instantly before being cost-effective.

-Certain units (probably lings at least) could have a special passive ability which prevents the Stun, allowing for very precise balance.


-Introduce a new spell for Terran that AoE Stuns an area.
-Allows for skillful and enjoyable Mech micro. Better for entertainment. Terran is now happy!

One thing comes to mind here: The Raven. I've seen that the Developers were interested in tweaking this unit, and I think this is the perfect thing for it! A Stun is the most basic spell there is, and you see it in a lot of games for a reason, it is FUN! (Select Units could be immune just like in Idea #2)

This spell would be very easy to balance (relative to other changes), and a welcomed change by everyone. Think of the possibilities. Entertainment value is immense, stunning a pack of Banelings about to destroy a group of Marines, stunning a pack of Stalkers that Blinked forward about to kill the Vikings, a Templar about to Storm, etc. A 1 second stun can make or break an engagement, just like a single Force Field.


Just my 2 cents as a designer. If you can find an over powered situation that one of these changes may lead to, let me know, and say why it is too strong (remember any damage or duration of these changes could easily be tweaked to be fair). At the very least one of these changes would help Mech slightly, without being so game changing that we have to redesign the meta game.

For the record, I play toss. I am terrible at Terran, but I watch SC2 every day and studied in a design field. Lets make this game awesome. (Good job on the new UI as well!)
And if you're interested by one of these ideas, shoot me that HotS invite!

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