Thunder's and Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 1)

Joeyray's Bar
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I walk in, and order a usual.
A subtle noise can be heard as the bar doors open, if only for less than a minute, and then again when it clicks closed. The sound of light footsteps can be heard, leading to the stools at the main bar site. A stool creaks under something's weight, and after a sharp whisper is heard, a figure materializes at a space near the counter.

"Hey, guys" :)
Mark are custom races still being accepted? If so you can find back story for Elerians in zarkuns rp factions thread page 6. Ill work on some tech stuff in a bit.
Jay? Is that you? You aren't a figment of my imagination?
I raise my glass to Jay. "Welcome. Don't mind the Mutants in one of the booths, they are just sleeping off the drinking contest they had."
"Alrighty...what the hell did they have?"

Yes, Yes I am here, and this is me, XD
Hmm...Jester? Shall we commence "Operation Party Until our asses fall off"?

And everything has been so crazy these past few days...just in case you didn't know what happened...Zarkun and TC run the bar, and I was put as the Sheriff.
"Knowing them? The strongest thing they had in stock, and they've been drinking for about 12 hours before they dropped. Crazy guys." I glance at CR. "Do we have enough women to go around, or should we postpone till more show up?" I grin.

A Zerg Queen un-burrows, keeping away from everyone.
Well...with Wfawwer not having an account because she deleted her email to Jay is the only female, and don't go crazy. Even though she might like the attention.

You do have a list of people to come to this shingig? Right?
I did hear about that, someone told me on starcraft a few days ago, hence my presense here,

He told me you guys all missed me, and I have a homework-less weekend ahead of me, :)
I pull out the list, and stand up from my booth. It drops to the floor, and piles up for a while before finally stopping. "Uh......Yeah, not counting the strings I'll have to pull to get the good stuff."
Ah, that was morrjo who you talked to then. We do miss you.

I'll help provide the music?
"I'll keep to my music, thanks." A Blade Trooper steps in, and I hand it the list.
"Get an invite to every one of these individuals. And tell those at the bottom to bring the best guys and stuff they have." The bot walks away, and I sit back down in my booth.
"Seems like things have gotten fancier here since I've been gone," refering to the Blade Trooper, a half smile to my face. "I do hope more peeps pop up, I dunno what I am going to be up to for the rest of my night here,"
Hmm, well Kroger had to work, TC is off the radar somewhere but he's here...he's hiding. Zarkun, I don't know where he is...Nukester shows up whenever. Duke is pretty much the same, Markus is well...Markus.
I hope they pop up here and there over the weekend still, I'd love to see them/talk to them, :)
Hi Jay, nice to see you back. While you're here though, I wanted to ask your opinion on something. What would you think about putting up an invitation or recruitment notice or whatever you want to call it on the General Discussion forums? I had been considering making one, seeing as there are a significant number of people leaving recently (almost 20% of the population), and we haven't had any new arrivals whatsoever in a long time, but I'm afraid that it might act as a homing beacon for the forces of darkness. Aka, the trolls. I still don't know what to do, but I'm trying to get everyone's opinions on it.
Incorrect owl, I and dragonbreath have joined recently though dragon never got zanons intro.

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