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11/09/2012 06:22 PMPosted by TheLostMorph
Incorrect owl, I and dragonbreath have joined recently though dragon never got zanons intro.
Sorry, my bad. Hadn't seen you around. Glad to see you here though :)
Hey Owl, :)

I dunno about the recruitment/invatation/orientation thing...I think it would be a good idea regardless, though, even if Trolls deside to spew into the forums here. I don't think a few trolls would exeptionally screw things up here...but I could be wrong though, since i woudlnt' really know, not being here hardly as much anymore. Still, I do think something should be done if the web population here is steadily decreasing and decreasing...and it would be nice to see more new faces, :)
Oh, and also, this recently happened. My mind has finally produced something worth writing, xD
*Raises glass*
Hello Jay.

Um, I'll have a psi storm please.
Hiya, new face? Or changed username? I'm assuming new face, although I'm always wrong when I guess things...xD
Just a face you've not officially met.

Been here for a few months.

Have you had the opportunity to check out the new JRB Website?
Duke, why did you choose to use G-mail? Gotta ask.
Gmail, is the golden pass, my freind.

It also supports many of the features I plan to use.
*Sigh* Well, I've got a hotmail account....
Did you happen to read the instructions for the site?
Just make a second one, that you would only use for JRB.
Not much of a hassle.
Wait, a JRB website? XD I haven't heard of this!
I'm just going to assume you didn't ask that. And the G-mail is made.

M kay.

I'll be in SC, playing some games.
Zarkun if ur on DH plz
Cya in a few days.
"Well, the Jay has returned to her roost. Good to see you." I raise my drink to her.
Hello, I'm afraid I don't know you. (aside for stories from our fellow RPers) I joined shortly after you left.. I think..
Hi Mocking I heard your a legend around here so here, have a kitten!!!! Also for English I was looking around in my teachers folder for an Independent Study project topic and one was Starcraft!!!! Guess what I choose :D
11/10/2012 06:43 AMPosted by MechaGhidrah
have a kitten!!!!
Hmm...I don't know which one to pick...the pain the !@# one that just wants me to feed it, or the fluffy one that hops around...

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