Thunder's and Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 1)

Joeyray's Bar
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IM NOT TALKING ABOUT RABBITS CRYMSON WILL YOU GET THAT THROUGH YOUR THICK SKULL!!!!!! *I start shooting Crymson with my rapid fire kitten launcher*
Actually... there is no such thing called a "bunny", and a baby rabbit is called a kitten. And what's a SCULL?

Zarkun? Permission to shoot Mecha in the foot?
"You're the sheriff, you make that call. I'm shooting him in the foot though." I pull out my revolver and shoot off Mecha's big toe.
I pull out my own revolver, a Colt .45. "Hmm...the heel sounds like a good spot." With that I shoot Mecha's heel.
I call down down a kitten storm and soo the bar is covered with ferocious kittens that eat Crymson alive (NOT baby rabbits)
The cats didn't know that I had a squirt bottle. I squirt them all away and they were running for their dear lives so they don't get wet. "I win..."
"Mecha, baby rabbits area also called kittens. I would know. Now," I shoot him in the heart, "Draw."
Devouring Ones unburrow and start hunting and eating every cat in sight.
"Thanks, Ath. Clean up the clutter a bit."
As the Devourings swallow the kittens the kittens (which are immortal) burst out of their stomachs, eat the devouring ones, and kill Jester.
I see a Jester dying. "Poor guy...I never did like Jester's anyway." I looked at Jester. "Do you feel kinda sad that it ate a Jester? I know that he is to entertain us...but that is just a terrible way to die."
I slip unobtrusively behind the bar and grab a large mug. Hiding my work, I quickly fill it with a combo of; The Smylez, Nukester's Supreme and The HBRB. Whistling tunelessly, I dump some mentos into my concoction and then stick the whole thing in the laser accelerator.
I sneak in the most dangerous of drinks into War's drink concoction when he wasn't looking. I put the Ace Suicide in there. "For a little extra kick..."
"Heh. Now who to give this to?..."
"Don't you dare, War." My back was still to him, but an auto turret was aiming at him. "You make it, you drink it." I then shoot off Mecha's other big toe. "You will now never walk again."
With a sigh, I pull it out of the accelerator;
"Fine... wait.. this isn't even a "drink" anymore... it looks more like.. nitroglycerin?..."
I am an idiot.

I forgot, the threads don't stop at twenty-four pages....xD
Hiya again,

"Also, I would not drink that...the drinks alone are a deathwish, mixing them together...hell, that's like, trillions of times worse," I pet the random orange kitten that now sits in my lap, given to me before.
"You gotta do somethin' with it, and I don't allow drinks to go to waste. So drink up, my adventuress friend."
"Uh, Zarkun? Why don't you just have Mecha drink it?"
"An excellent idea! Why didn't I think of that?"
"Because I have a plan for Mecha. Feed it to Nukester if no one else."

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