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let us pick if we want to random only two possible races. I love playing Zerg and Protoss but hate playing terran. Because of this i dont want to random because of the fear i might random Terran .This is very simples to do without changing the UI to much. Have a check box under random race that lets you uncheck 1 race that way you wont random it. This way you can random 3 races or 2. This doesnt affect balance at all and theres no reason not to add this feature.
11/11/2012 05:49 PMPosted by HeReTiC
theres no reason not to add this feature

Knowing that you cant' spawn as a certain race contradicts the very definition of random.

i'm going to have to agree with this. Just switch back and forth and you'll essentially get the same results.
not true there are two races to random instead of 3 the selection is still random just with less choices.
if makes it you guys feel better the loading screen could say the two races the opponent CAN random so the opponent knows that there are only two possible races the randomer can be.
He's a cutie can we keep him?
You're in silver. Just scv marine all in every time you get terran and you should win every game.
its not about winning its about playing the races i want improve on, which isnt terran.
with your logic the random feature shouldnt exist either because we can pick 3 colored straws out a bag..? Theres no reason not to add this feature.
by your logic why can't I exclude two races and then go random?
because theres 3 races if you exculde two you can only pick 1 possible race pretty sure your trolling (no ones that dumb)
Yeah but then it'd be only a 50/50 chance instead of a 33% chance. I think you're better off just waffling back and forth between the two you wanna play, because the game isn't going to let you random the same race twice so you'll end up waffling anyway.
so someone that takes your suggestion and expands upon it is trolling?
I have randomed zerg 3 times in a row before, yes i will get more repeat races if i can only random two race but im fine with because their both races i want to play.
so play them?

The world doesn't cater to your convenience. This suggestion makes your random selection imbalanced, as it excludes the one you can't/don't play. Don't be so naive.
11/11/2012 05:52 PMPosted by Ponera

Just main terran for a season or until you feel comfortable with it. If you want to play random have to accept having terran as a choice.
im sure other people would like this feature to be added not just me. It does not make Random selection imbalanced it just makes it more enticing to pick for people who only like playing two races.
i wouldnt want to play terran even if i were pro at it. for now i will have to deal with the fact i could random terran hopefully that could change.

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