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Maybe you can explain it in another way? I don't think I understand the premise.
instead of randoming 3 races you can have the option to only random only 2 possible races.
What about randoming only one though? I want a level of customization in my random selection.
wait wait...what if when you choose random the opponent gets to choose your race....

thats a good idea start you should start another thread i wish you the best of luck
but then its not random.. cause someone is still choosing just not you :)
Maybe we can even add a thing were you choose were your opponent spawns, or gets to remove one attack unit and you get to too.
maybe but what if its a two player map?
that's why my suggestion makes sense
11/11/2012 05:46 PMPosted by Reborn
let us pick if we want to random only two possible races

you already can pick a race before hitting "search button"

are you trolling us?
i want to able to random only two possible races.
I want to random only one possible race.
I want to be able to random 4 races.
How come when I pick random, I get protoss,zerg, and terran? Is this a bug? I hear random's op.
check my main race its protoss so no im not a "random" protriat farmer i have a random a portriat yes but it doesnt make me farmer. also i dont cheese in any of my games so i could care less about how fast i win. Again why dont all randomer just pick 3 colored straws out a bag thats tell them what race to pick? also i like the idea of not knowing what race ill get.
I agree when I random with two race vetoes I like the surprise
how about your opponent sees what race u random?
no that wouldn't be fair
i dont care if my opponet knows what race i am. i usually tell them at start of game anyway

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