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Saint Reborn.
11/11/2012 05:56 PMPosted by Ponera
He's a cutie can we keep him?
I would like this. It would be fun! I am all for fun. Personally I don't like playing as Zerg when I do play random and get Zerg I 7 pool, it wins a lot because I am random but I would like to not play as Zerg. T/P on load page would be a fine solution. It would make the game better for casual players.
a reborn reform
So why can't you marine scv all in when you're terran?
Like others have said, you can just toss a coin.

I guess the only reason for people wanting this though, is to show the public that they can actually play BOTH races for their achievement. Which I guess is understandable.
If you're that good at 2 races, spend some time working up the other one and become a real randomer.
I'd be down with this idea.. For example I'd pick Protoss and Terran and exclude Zerg.. I think it would only work though if your loading screen shows something like "Random (Terran and Protoss)" or something..
the downside of random is getting a race your not good with, why remove the only drawback of random?
11/11/2012 05:58 PMPosted by HeReTiC
Assign a race to each side of a coin and determine which race to play as that way.
Flip a coin /thread
I understand that flipping a coin may not be what random players would like since it's not being chosen by the game and showing them as random. However, I'm going to have to say no to the idea of random (2 race) since it would create a messy conflict of random specific achievements. And it would look messy in the league listing for what race you're winning the most as.

Random (ZP)
Random (PT)
Random (PZ)

Really? True random players should only be rewarded for being able to run headlong into three different race options and not knowing which will be there's.

OP has a point, I too agree with everything he states. I myself don't necessarily like playing Terran when I used to play Random, but was forced to stomach.
As much as I would love to never get a ZvT ever again (Yes, I know it makes no sense that I'm bad at ZvT), this would break Random.
11/11/2012 05:46 PMPosted by Reborn
let us pick if we want to random only two possible races. I love playing Zerg and Protoss but hate playing terran. Because of this i dont want to random because of the fear i might random Terran .This is very simples to do without changing the UI to much. Have a check box under random race that lets you uncheck 1 race that way you wont random it. This way you can random 3 races or 2. This doesnt affect balance at all and theres no reason not to add this feature.

You want the benefits of cheesing people as toss and zerg and having the random edge but are not good at doing ones as terrans is that what you are trying to say .
go home Ponera
11/11/2012 05:49 PMPosted by HeReTiC
Assign a race to each side of a coin and determine which race to play as that way.

Why would blizzard have to add something new to the UI when you can just do this^. Sure it will give you more options and options are always good but come on.

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