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11/11/2012 06:40 PMPosted by Reborn
instead of randoming 3 races you can have the option to only random only 2 possible races.
I don't know if that would work. It seems like it would at least partially defeat the whole purpose of picking random. You would know you are going to be either protoss or zerg. Your opponent is not going to know that. Your opponent is still going to make the estimation you could be terran, protos, or zerg. I guess it would add a whole another element to being random.
terrible idea
I'm in the same boat in preferring to play two races and not wanting the third, but adding this would overly complicate the race selection, because you have to add three more choices, one for each two-race combination, along with all the metrics for having those new choices, and it's bound to add confusion to a UI that already could stand to be cleaner. So I'll have to just suggest what many others have said and say, flip a coin before you start matchmaking.
Just pull a TLO and switch between the two races you want to play every several months.
11/13/2012 01:43 AMPosted by BronzeAddict
terrible idea

I could elaborate, but this captures it perfectly.
11/11/2012 05:46 PMPosted by Reborn
let us pick if we want to random only two possible races. I love playing Zerg and Protoss but hate playing terran. Because of this i dont want to random because of the fear i might random Terran .This is very simples to do without changing the UI to much. Have a check box under random race that lets you uncheck 1 race that way you wont random it. This way you can random 3 races or 2. This doesnt affect balance at all and theres no reason not to add this feature.

Selecting random gives you the advantage of your opponent not knowing what you are. To offset this, neither do you and you won't usually be equally as good at the 3 races. That's called balance.
I would only agree to this IF it did not count as a win for random.
only the race you ended up getting.
Flip a coin.
11/13/2012 11:41 AMPosted by Doncroft
Flip a coin.

Or alternatively man up and play random straight up.
1. You'd still receive the benefit of being random (ie: your opponent doesn't know your race) without actually being totally random.

2. You'd receive random portraits without actually playing as random.

Or alternatively man up and play random straight up.

That also works.
I wouldn't mind this. My main race is Terran so whenever I play as Random and get Terran I'm like "Really?"
11/13/2012 01:12 PMPosted by Ravianna
I wouldn't mind this. My main race is Terran so whenever I play as Random and get Terran I'm like "Really?"

Honestly, those "really?" moments are when you play random and you roll the same race 5-7 games in a row. But that's beside the point.
Terrible, terrible grammar.

Perhaps Blizzard will listen if you properly use the mechanics of the English language.
Fark son.

A better idea is to do 2 games toss then zerg.
you want the benefits of being random - your opponent doesn't know your race

but you don't want the negatives of being random - having to play an unwanted race

you can't have both.
Why is this thread still going?

It's a bad idea. The End.

Now let it die.
good point random will be removed next patch
He probably just wants the random advantage of knowing you cant do early aggression because you don't know what race he is. I've beaten diamond players when I've randomed and gotten terran, but if I actually pick terran I couldn't beat your average silver player.

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