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You should also be able to remove some maps from being randomly picked.

Oh wait...
11/11/2012 05:46 PMPosted by Reborn
theres no reason not to add this feature.

Not true. Farming portraits would be different, and you shouldn't get the rewards for only playing 2/3 of the races that people get from needing to play 3/3 of the races.

Also, people play differently against a "random" opponent than they would against someone from which they could eliminate one race.

Just do it on your own by flipping a coin to choose unless you really really care about portraits. If you really care about portraits, just quit the game if you get the race that you don't want.
Also, one of the great things about starcraft is the circumstances that cause you to face a tough circumstance and work to improve. Take this as an opportunity to improve playing as Terran, because StarCraft is providing you with the circumstance to encourage that.
You know you could just hit find match and switch between zerg and protoss until the match starts because eventually it will just lock and you will get stuck on one or the other. All you have to do to remove bias is count properly.
I'm always like "this man has no idea how hard I'm going to *#@!!@#@ him..."

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