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I feel like im hitting a wall and can't move up from gold. Most of my losses are against cheese and silly mistakes. But for this season my win-rate is around 70%. Here is one replay of me:

Thanx any help and tips are appreciated.
well looking at your winloss ratio I have no doubt you will be promoted soon. You should start noticing your playing platinum players.

Just keep playing!

As for the cheeses, i still lose to stupid cheeses every once in a while. Its important to look at the replay and see exactly what the cheese is, and how you could have prevented it.

You want those cheeses to be a 1 loss never again type of scenario.

Honestly if you just keep playing/play more you will get promoted.
If your win rate is at least at 50% against Platinum players then you will be promoted. It's simply a matter of time and games played. I don't see a reason to take time to help you if you're already doing well, no offense.
Thanx I'm playing plats now (last 2 games), both 1 based me thou :(
Before last summer began I used to play Zerg on ladder. Shortly after I hit a brick wall in Gold league. I decided to give Terran a try and so far I am pleased with the results. I have achieved Plat and will shoot for Diamond soon.

Seeing as you have such a high win ratio, I don't know what advice to give you. I will give you a few tips that have helped me tremendously though. (These are all random)

1. Against drop play, build sensor towers. They're invaluable and underused as well.
2. Build lots of marines early in game and focus on teching later (I do this mostly against T in case of banshees with cloak) Low tier they may be, in large groups, marines will win most engagements early game and it will help your problem with cheese too.
3. Multi-pronged attacks are vital too. I find this to be the best way to defeating a Zerg. Do huge drops in the main and have an additional drop come at the third as he scrambles to get his army to defend his main. Snipe key structures, then workers if time provides.

Hope this little bit helps. Gl hf :)

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