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Zannon, I hope you see this. I want to ask you about your book, and possibly the gaming group. Firstly, what is the book's name going to be? Or can you give us some way to find the book? You have always been a great writer, and I wish to see what masterpiece you have come up with. Also, would you be willing to disclose info about the irl gaming group?


I need you to bump this until Zannon sees this. This is all that I ask of you, as an Rper, as a member of this community, AS A FRIEND.
I shall do my part, but I don't think he intends to visit while he's so busy.
Trust me, he will check back to see our responses within a few days. I hope.
I shall maintain hope.
We should all remember to feed the roaches in the basement... in memory of Zannon.
*Punches nukester in the face and finishes him off with a machete to the throat. He stammers backwards into a pit of banelings.*

He is not old! And he announced it in the bar, not like you care. gtho

Edited to something a weeeetle bit nicer.
Is that a threat? We are all about ready to put you on ignore, so watch yourself.
I wouldn't be too sure

Okay, I will accept your friendly caution...

Can we maybe keep this thread on track please?
Nick asked me to bump this, why can't I bump this AND talk to nukester at the same time? :D
Because Zarkun's like your mother in this situation.
*In squeaky voice*
"Don't talk to strange men son!"

Quoted so that you couldn't edit.


What the CRAP why does my quoter thing NOT quote people like it's suppose to. Oh well, that IS what he said, just take my word for it.
He didn't edit it, so I'm seeing what you are.
Nope, he edited it.
I like pizza

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