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MarkusDaWise. Allow me to give you some advice.
To master the art of order you must first learn the value of silence.

Nukester. Some food for thought.
"Repeatedly violating any area of the Blizzard Terms of Use or Forum Code of Conduct ... will often result in permanent banishment from the forums."

My book doesn't really have a set name yet. It is also a BIG work in progress. The rejoice about getting something back from the copyright office was just "these first a hundred pages are mine".

I doubt I will get it published for several years at the rate I'm going.
As for the gaming group... It is an IRL store that (according to Google) does not exist.

"And that is all I have to say about that."
-Forest Gump
May your book see much success. And keep us updated on it! Please?
Thanks, Zanon.

You will always be remembered!
Grace be with you forever and ever, Amen ;)
Remember to post here when you finish. Maybe be years from now but I know I'll still be around here.
Zannon, can you at least give us a way to find the book when it is published?
You can bet we'll stalk you when you are a famous writer.

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