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Ya, on my random acc, some people say they will just leave if I'm zerg. I'm enjoying the free wins XD
Over the past 2 days.

A terran bmed me after the game saying I only won because my race is OP. He blocked me before I ciuld point out 3/5 ultras and 3/3 cracklings fare pretty well against 0/1 marines despite.

A protoss bm'd me today saying my race carried me to victory. He again, blocked me before I could point out that 25min into the game, eh still didn't have a third because I had denied it several times, and was running on 5 bases with so much larva and resources stockpiled for an instant remax.
i guess its kinda good because i played a guy the other day who said ZERG OP in the beginning of the match up then he left i was like, ok cool! free win
!@#$ those @#@%#*!#gets, this game is their LIFE, their whole life is based on becoming a pro(as if they have a chance) so they hate whenever they lose. %^-* them seriously, they are all a bunch of no lives who think they lose because of race, cuz they too stupid to simply learn from their errors instead of blaming race. I got to master because i didn't blame race, not saying im good lol just that i didn't lose my time raging on races like a !@#$%^.

That be my opinion, -*!@ anyone who responds to it cuz im not coming back to this thread :P
I don't take any of the BM to heart, in fact I almost always laugh at how entertaining some people's anger originates from a single unit. I actually got BMed by a zerg the other day because I forgot to build my overlord at 9 so I decided to 10 pool instead, he did a 15 hatch. I moved on in with 6 zerglings and kill 12 workers before my zerglings died, I didn't expect to kill that much I only expected to kill 3-4 workers so I can stay even with my economy. He then proceeds to tell me that I don't know how to play zerg and that I am all the names in the book. At this point I was almost laughing so hard that I was falling behind in my macro. I then build up a small army of roaches and move on in and slaughter the rest of his units.

The point is, no one should be angry that your opponent did something, you should be angry that you didn't perform in the way to counter act him. I get upset sometimes when I missed crucial fungals or when clicking out IT I click on another unit and my infestors just sit there doing nothing. It can be irritating but it is part of the game that we all need to get better at if we really want to win.
not really what would they have to hate us for protosses are the ones who 4 gate every game...
For me, my biggest grievances have been less about the Zerg players and more about design choices not being addressed by Blizzard. I don't feel this is the place to discuss that, but I will move on to say that I never BM the players themselves, just really one-sided aspects of the race after a 3-game losing streak (like Muta tech switch to Ling/Roach after losing a group of Mutas, almost no way to counter that as Protoss and stay in the game). ANYWAY, I usually get mad after that point so I'll spout about saying Zerg is OP out of frustration. If you strike a conversation with me (I'm always open to one), then you'll find out that I'm simply frustrated with how easy it is at my level to be Zerg and that I really just want a promotion since you're never guaranteed a good opponent where I'm at (which means getting better at the game is slim).

However, I have noticed something. I stop initiating the sportsmanlike "gl hf" to Zerg players. Why? Because nearly every Zerg player I play does some sort of cheeky BM when they know they have won. I don't understand why people have to initiate BM. I understand if someone did something unsportsmanlike or there are problems between you, so you use BM to attain some sort of even, but I don't understand why people are unsportsmanlike to someone who stated "gg" and what not. I rarely have another Protoss do this and I occasionally have a Terran that will. However, for Zerg it's just ridiculous half the time.
11/13/2012 11:04 AMPosted by Jasiwel
. I don't understand why people have to initiate BM

They don't have to. Neither did the person who aggressively cut me off the morning have to do that. But they could, and it makes them feel good. Some people instinctively care about fairness or their impact on others. But there are a lot of sociopaths out there, and anonymity brings it out in a large number of people that wouldn't dare be rude to someone's face.

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