Project: Uroboros (TextAdventure)

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Uroboros, with every life, there is an end. And with every end, there is new life. Scientists were hired to undergo a stunning accomplishment, create new life where it's dieing. Then creating it into a tool to fit their own needs, their own political views, and motives. Will be sent out by this one Operative. This is. . .

Project: Uroboros

An organization has a special interest in this Project, so they are not afraid to to push the limits to succeed in their goals. No one knows their name, for that is a major ploy in their tactics. For they want what's best for Humanity, they are Aquila et Umbram.

They have retrieved a specimen and they have spent over a year reconstructing her body, implants to keep her alive. She is Veronica Chambers, the new ID that they forged for her. She is a new person, not the same as when she died.


Help Veronica Chambers escape the station, preferably in one piece.
Through out the story I will give you a few option to choose from, I will then choose the majority of the votes and implement it into the next post.
Let's get his show on the road!


You heard sounds in the tank, you were in the tank. Your eyes slowly opening to see the day of life once more. Who were you? That was the question, for you didn't remember all that transpired during your little accident.

Waking up I saw restraints on my legs and arm, barely anything covering my body besides a skin tight testing suit. Who was I?

Noting the room from my brief observation, I feel different? What happened?
Try to break the restraints and smash open the tank.

Wait for a scientist to notice the subject, awake.
Wait for the scientist
Hmm...looks like your the only one that posted.


I saw a scientist approach me, he was a young man, but intelligent. "Amazing, it works? I must call them after I release you my dear." Entering a code near the tank, the liquid was draining, and the restraints were powering off. The glass like material then opened up, with my almost nude body falling onto the ground.

The scientist was pleased to see the progress, for he was one that stayed in this room most of the time. Checking the progress of this delicate work. "I will call them now..." He reached for comm device.
Kill the scientist and risk a consequence?
Let the scientist call and be obedient?
Let the scientist call and be obedient, no point in killing him then running around naked.

Is this before or after the events in The Dishonored? Is echo a cyborg?
This is after, and she's not really a's kinda hard to explain. But I'll reveal more if we ever get that far.
What organization has her? lol, nevermind that was a stupid question.
Let scientist call.
The scientist makes the call, he was eager to tell of the success from the project. Now they could replicate the results whenever they needed. {This is the lead scientist down in lab N9. She's awake.}

The ground felt hazy to me, my arms had surgical scars throughout them, from where they inserted implants to bring me back. But who was I?

{That's good? I'll send her right away.} Hanging up, the scientist ordered me to stand up, a neural chip was in my skull. So this was how they were going to make me obedient?
Resist the order?
Obey, no point in showing him my free will.
Obey, then resist next time.
depending on the situation though...
I stood up, slowly. Covering any exposed pieces of flesh that could catch the attention of anyone. Nothing came out of my mouth, not even a slight hum.

Smiling, the scientist tossed a simple lab coat to me. "Put it on, don't want anybody seeing you like that." Smirking, an Umbra entered the lab. One hand on his holster.

"I'm here for the girl." He said with a deep and menacing voice. Ordering me to follow him.

The coat was on and was observing this room once more, who were these people?
Follow and behave?
Revolt right now and hope to steal the pistol?
Follow and wait. If an opportunity presents itself, take it.
Follow orders, but be prepared to resist.
11/01/2012 04:20 PMPosted by CrymsonRaven
Follow and behave

lol... CR gave us two options, not four. There is no Follow and wait BUT. We do not know what the next post brings...
Follow blindly.
The beauty of a text adventure is an ability to read between the lines. You'll learn, young grasshopper.
11/01/2012 04:25 PMPosted by smylez
Follow blindly.

lolol XD
The Umbra took me out of the room, the scientist that stayed behind went back to his lab computer. The other scientists were staring in awe, I paralyzed them with their accomplishments. Was that a good thing?

This hallway was beautiful for being a research station. Where did they get the credits to build such a thing? Was the next question racing through my already delusional state. The pistol was in view, I could reach it if I tried hard enough.
Ask the Umbra a question about this place and where they are going?
Pickpocket the pistol and use it against the Umbra?

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