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Stay silent like the good little girl you are.
Pick pocket and use it. Now's the best time to do it.
um... steal the gun or remain silent.
Ask a question. You dont know where your going, where you are or who you are, no point in taking a gun and shoving it in people's faces.
Hmm...tie for a steal the gun, and stay silent. We need a tiebreaker.
Flip a coin in the interest of time?
Heads for Gun

Tails for Silent

And it's....heads.


I go to reach the gun, it was easy. My fingers easily placed themselves on the stock as I pulled it out. And elbow came smashing into my face, knocking me onto the ground with a bloodied face. "I wouldn't do that again." He knew my every move? "I could feel you reaching behind there."

I was afraid now, where were they taking me?!

The man forced me to my feet and threw me in front of him. "Walk..."
Continue walking to avoid what just happened?
Attack him back and hopefully I win?
Walk, and watch him. He's gonna make a mistake at some point.
Same as Zarkun.
Watch and learn, I shall.
You know, War, you'd be welcome in FOCC. Your skills would contribute greatly.
Um... Not sure if I've got the time... (you're refering to From Order Comes Chaos, right?)
I am. Time isn't necessarily an issue since it's one of the slower moving RPs. You'd be able to keep track easily. Just join in the PreRP.
Ouch! Saw that comin' :(

Keep walking.
Okay, walk and learn while being quiet.
The Umbra laughed, menacing look on his hard face. "You wouldn't have been able to use it anyway, you aren't psionic from what we've seen." Shoving me up front, prodding me with his hand. "Move..."

I moved forward, he made it where it was hard to tell what he was doing behind me. Knowing that it was useless to try to fight such a man, without any kind of tool, weapon, or even armor. That's when I heard it, Zerg?

We passed a hallway and many Zerg turned towards us and started growling, they were contained, and experimented on. Was I an experiment?
Find a way to release the Zerg later on?
Attack the man once more?
Be obedient like the girl she is and do everything they say?
11/02/2012 03:45 AMPosted by CrymsonRaven
Be obedient like the girl she is and do everything they say

You dont know how dangerous these zerg are, they could just kill you and keep moving.

It's clear that guard isn't going to be killed by a girl who awoke a few minutes ago and can't remember her own name.

Being obedient is the only option... for now.
Ignore Mark, he's a pacifist, and find a way to unleash the Zerg later.
I chose to be obedient, ignoring the fact that I would release the captive Zerg later. We finally made out way out of that wing when we approached a door, it opened up and I was thrown inside. It was like a cell, luxurious, but still a cell. "Be good and stay now." The Umbra left.

I was fiddling with my fingers as the door closed.
Doing the next part soon, I just don't feel like asking for any options. But you can still influence it if you want to.
Explore the cell thoroughly, inspect your injuries and then sleep.
AKA: take stock of your situation and get some rest.
Scream like a banshee

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