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Your faction looks fairly complete to me. Just seems to be a bit much to declare that

11/01/2012 03:56 PMPosted by CrymsonRaven
everything dies from my touch after I create something.
Hey, Zanon. Mind if I tell people about my RP in here or should I go somewhere else.
Go ahead, just know that not everyone will read it. It's better fitted in your thread but if your just advertising or something its fine.
It might get some exposure, Koro, go for it.
*I put up a flyer*

This is Their Story: Story Thread. Go to this link if you are interested in joining the This is Their Story Chapter: IV Roleplay Thread.
Post your character sheet (format on the page) and I'll check it out. Get there before November 6th. Because that will be the opening date of the next part.
On the thread there is a list of characters, the background of the RP and a quick summary of the events. (Please note, the summary is based on events that progressed the story, not EVERYTHING that has happened.)
11/01/2012 11:12 AMPosted by smylez
"Crude humor sonny! I approve!"

You're welcome.
I'm still reeling from shock that most of my Forum mates are gone....And it doesn't help that I just went and re-read HBRB's asylum, and your's truly's very own Troll Wars threads, along with part 1, 2, and 3 of Zanon's Bar.

*Bursts into tears once more*
[licks tears]

"Salty, just the way I like it."
They'll return. I know Thunder plans to.
11/01/2012 06:45 PMPosted by GhostSpectre
and your's truly's very own Troll Wars threads

Which I love you for. How could I forget that you made one of my favorite RP's of all time?
[licks tears]

"Salty, just the way I like it."

I must say, War3 soundtrack is so good after so long.
Thecommmander, I thought you hated the wars at first.

[Licks furiously]
11/01/2012 07:13 PMPosted by smylez
[Licks furiously]

*Screams just like at 2:13 in the video here:*

Why is War3 music so !@#$%^- good?
11/01/2012 07:06 PMPosted by GhostSpectre
Thecommmander, I thought you hated the wars at first.

*shrugs* Nostalgia filters maybe? They were decent and I was REALLY involved at the end game. I made the half-decent map that I became very proud of.
Oh yeah....That....
11/01/2012 07:22 PMPosted by GhostSpectre
Oh yeah....That....

Yeah, I know not everyone liked the map. I liked it, okay? I thought it gave the troll wars some order and made it easier to understand.
No, I liked it, but I just barely remembered it.
Going to bed, school in the morrow of course. And take care.

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