Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 15)

Joeyray's Bar
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Indeed. And a mighty fine choice he made.
I nod to Duke. "Thanks. Now, what are ya'll havin'?"
I am indeed honored that months of RP'ing have gotten me this far.
Psi Storm please.
*Yanks up a floor board with a crow-bar.*
Ahh, still steaming!

That better not be a body down there Edgar Ellen Poe style.
I whip up the psi-storm and slide it to Duke. "There you go. Nukester, watch where you throw that stuff, anything you damage you fix."
You'd need a lead lined box to keep it in.
*Sips drink*
I shake my head. "Not likely to happen, Nukester. We already have the Suicide, and no ones survived that yet. Maybe if you made it less...volatile."
"You got lucky. Make it less volatile and you'll be fine."
"You break it, you buy it!" I shake my head and return my attention to the TV. Seems Rave's special ability blast pulse beat out Zaros' demon in sheer death and destruction potential, even though it had a small radius. "Ya'll got quiet."
"Thing is Nukester, is that we aren't accepting new drinks as of yet. Least not until the next thread. Also, you chemistry knowledge is kinda cool. You get a star.
"I'll add it in the next thread. For now, just enjoy the show. Looks like...ah, Looney Toons again." I lean back, watching the show while I was waiting for the next round of orders.
Hmmmm....That's actually a good idea. Keeps track of all the RPs and could work.

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