Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 15)

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Wonderful...more bull!@#$, not surprising there.
No, it's official, TC and I are runnin' the bar.
11/05/2012 12:03 PMPosted by Nukester
Your finally here!
I've not been in a good mood lately...I don't need a miserable excuse for a human being telling me what to do.
Well, you're gonna be redead if you piss me off...Not in a good mood like I said.
And I'm not going to accept this new establishment within the deep treacherous waters that are locked away in my soul.
True men show others their emotions...
And I actually almost left because of them (emotions, that is)'s still a debatable discussion.
Part of it...
But I must admit that my life is pretty terrible, even though I have it way better than others.

I think I might leave for a hour or two...I just need to get away from everyone, both internet and real life.
"They've left. SF without explanation, and we suspect Nikola for reality. We're a dying breed, Nuke. There aren't many of us left."
The Age of Rebuilding. It's what we're left to do with so few of the originals left. Kroger is the last, along with TC I believe.
There will never be a rebuilding...

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