Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 15)

Joeyray's Bar
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Truthfully, Elijah. He matches my favorite style best.
And thus, Dacder was driven from the GD, and he sought refuge, and he came across a bar...

"Hullo, all!"
*Pulls out flintlock pistol, but sees Dacder.* Oh, it's you. *Swigs rum.* Been awhile.
"Hehe, yep, it sure has been." Dacder slouches into a chair, appearing relaxed.
"So how have you fine folks been? I hope you haven't been in too much trouble...ahhh, what am I saying? Of course you've been in trouble! Glad to see you're alright, anyway."
*Swigs more rum.* We've been better. We've lost more of the older folk to the thrice damned plague of life. *Zombie carrying the plague walks in and I blow it's head apart, killing it.* Damned zombies don't be helping any either.
"I saw some on the road, they didn't trouble me much, must not have picked up my scent."
As Dacder says this, he smells himself, and realizes he stinks.
"Anywhere that I can wash up? I'm a bit fresh after all that traveling.
"Snakes on a plain!"
*Points to the showers.* In there, matey. Just beware the toilet monster.
Dacder goes in, and washes up nice and quick, undisturbed by the monster. He then comes out. "Anyway, that's too bad, I hope y'all start doing better soon."
*Takes another swig, now holding an old flintlock shotgun.* Well, that landlubber Thundercrash said he'd be back. Just be a matter o' time.
"Ah, I do wish to see him once more, glad to hear he's alright as well." said Dacder rather grimly, but he suddenly gained a smile on his face.
"My dear friend Zarkun, you've no clue what I've been up to lately." and with this, he laughed.
Stumbles into the room, and falls face-first into the floor.
"Ow. Why did I trip on air?"
*Swigs the rum, shooting a zombie trying to get in the bar.* Tis called clumsiness. What have you been up to Dacder.
"Many things, my good friend. I recently went to HeReTiC's realm and lived amongst those people, and gained great respect from them. I do think they're quite good, though they don't have a good leader." And with this, he looked at the floor and his smile went away.
Aye, what be the matter? Do I need to change my persona to an Assassin?
"No, no my friend. It is the people of the GD, I do wonder how they're doing, considering how that place has gone to hell. But, I suppose it's best to not think of bad things." and with that, he lifted his head and gained a smile once more.
Aye, be more concerned with the thrice damned plague. If ye aren't careful, it'll sneak up on you. *Changes persona, and now looks like Conner from ACIII, only more american.* Now I can speak normal. Now, don't worry about GD. They go to hell in a hand basket every other week.
"The chaos and insanity that plagues GD is a great environment."
"I've been there for a decent time, and they aren't actually that bad. Not normally, anyway. It just shocks me how one little thing can send them rampaging like a bunch of criminals."
Most of them are. *An arrow flies by Dacder's head, killing yet another plague ridden zombie.* Sorry, he was about to bite you.

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