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Wait... Kroger.. I thought your account was lost; that's why you've been posting through DA...
He got it back earlier today.
Not lost just locked now I have it back.
Accepted Lekroger.
Alright then. Thank you. Is there a particular time in the RP that I need to enter in?
Nah, just wake up and find us all in your search for others.

MeGaLoVania's good, I've heard it somewhere before, somewhere in the endless pages of HS...

Vriska's cool (her dice and pirate outfit are awesome)... but she's an incredibly manipulative b!tch...

Terezi and Karkat are fine (or as fine as you can get with the trolls) :P

And Gamezee's got.. problems...

honk honk...
MeGaLoVania was from [s] Wake

Nah, you are doing it all wrong you see, you have to commit with the 8 for her.... It's just her thing. Then for Terezi.... She's blind and can smell you from the computer... Karkat.... He's just..... Pissed off all the time who deeply cares.

Gamzee.... Just give the man some Faygo, then he's stoned as hell and everything is back to normal(ish).
True, but if you keep Gamzee and Karkat around each other, they'll keep the other one sane.

oh, Gamzee and normal? talk about an oxymoron.
Since you'll read this CR, you barely posted in my SW RP, and you've corrupted it with your black screens.
I think CR got off...
He still corrupted my RP...
Oh? this I might just have to read at some point...
I've got a member's only safety lock to weed out trolls.
ah... oh well...
01/29/2013 07:34 PMPosted by Zarkun
Since you'll read this CR, you barely posted in my SW RP, and you've corrupted it with your black screens.
... How did I corrupt your RP without doing a whole lot of stuff in your RP? The Star Wars one I might add.... I didn't do anything bad in it, and I'm sorry I forgot about it...


So many crazy things happening during that time that I totally forgot, even the username and password. XD

But still.... How did I corrupt it? Did they read all the stuff I did on here? O_O


Okay... Since I was bored right there.... It really is an edit though.... Now I see..... Now I see what happened.... So how did I corrupt it again? I just looked through it.
I don't know, but you started it, I guess Syn was the one that did it...being the mother of a dead man's child...
Nuke, you forgot the J in Jones and you'd have no memory of why you're there.
Nuke, you are going to start on the planet. Outside the pod where you'll find your gear. You will have no memory of anything except your name until we get to the first key plot point.

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