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Add the skill list, and you'll be in. (Just edit the newest one)
umm skills are there they are just above 'Weapons: .....'
Didnt see. BLINDNESS! You are accepted friend. (Stay tuned in it because I will indirectly cue you.)

You will also come in with no memory of your life.
ya thats fine i have an idea for getting in on the rp anyway .... if you want to add me in at this next outpost or what ever it is.
Would it be ok if I bring in a group of NR survivors at the base?
I was planning on there being 4, a combat engineer, a marine, a heavy weapons specialist and a wounded navy pilot.
In a way there will be, you'll see. (But yes. That is a great idea.)
koro wana hear what i have? though *looks around* not sure if ......... *trails off*
Guys, I have an e-mail, if you want to ask of something away from the group,
The NR base; what of the following can we find there?
- survivors
- vehicles
- experimental stuff
- other supplies
Secret. I'll give you a hint.

Mutalisks went there, then a few came back for a reason...
Sigh... It's kinda "my" base, so I'd like to know...
Emaileth me then.
This is your cue LostMorph

And guys, I made a discussion thread for a reason. The VTOL thing would be perfect here.
Sorry, it's easy to forget. Anyways, we can bring it with, but there's still the matter of where to put it and how to move it.
Well. Do you know the game ArmA II? If so, do you know of the modification for it, DayZ?

That was my inspiration for this RP. The raw survival, in a hostile world. Just in a sci-fi world and some "other" things in it, rather than bandits and zombies.

On that note, the VTOL is damaged. And will need to be repaired, and no I won't be all candies and rainbows and let us find all the parts in the base. Also there is fuel to worry about, along with who the hell knows how to pilot it (probably warhawk actually)
Eh, maybe. As for parts, depending on what they are, they can be built, and then fuel...I don't actually think we placed any at Sanctuary yet.
Sanctuary doesnt have any fuel tanks, the base does by the factory. But I'll make a list of supplies when we do an analysis of the vehicle.
Good point. We'll figure it out.
So, we all know the deal, referring to where we are right? (planet-wise)
I could use a little help personally. I can only think of the moon.

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