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Yes. I thought it was time I officially revealed that since we're going to find out about
Project: Unity

The moon had adopted aspects of Earth, but due to its size, there are no oceans (just lakes that we have yet to discover) and the biomes are tight, and misordered relevant to Earth.
Ok, that makes some sense. Kinda cool mental image actually.
Not trying to bust your chops or nothin, but its probably wrong cuz there's one detail I'm leaving for the BIG twist.
Eh, if it is, oh well.
If you haven't read already, this is being restarted from Chapter: One.
Um..... what about our characters' pasts? Are we going to start over?
Interesting ....
You can change your characters if you want but its not manditory. Just notify me if you do though.
OK ....
We all agreed we drifted from Koro's original idea.
Name: Jared "Slasher" Rios
Body build: Average
Descendant: Rios, Cayl Rios-Lord Knight of Loria
Description: Brown eyes, Scar on left eye and arm, brown hair, thin and muscular, leather armor with mithrite reinforcment and Lorian nanites in blood stream, goatee, solemn, but loyal to friends and family. Likes to train in all shapes and forms, including working out. Wields a single edged long sword and the Incinerator flame SMG, which focuses his ability to use fire into various rounds of his choosing.
Skills: Weapons master, namely with single edged long swords, marksmen, and hand to hand combatant, quick and agile, not unlike his ancestor.

I'm changing the SMG and I'm considering a second character.
What the... You look different as a Marauder Zarkun... Thought you were jake for a minute...


And i would recommend 1 character.
Well, I'm also torn between redoing him completely with a different person. I kinda got rid of the Lorians...
Ah, well then feel free to do that.
Name: Ryan "Slasher" Hunter
Body build: Average
Descendant: Hunter, Jake Hunter- Blade master and legendary mercenary who started in the Confederate era.
Description: Brown eyes, Scar across right eye and down his back, brown hair, thin and muscular, highly customized CMC-400 armor, the helmet is now a more separate set up, with the front having to horizontal lines for the eyes and the rest black and red, like the rest of the armor, cannon on right shoulder, active camouflage module, goatee, solemn, but loyal to friends and family, willing to make new ones. Likes to train in all shapes and forms, including working out. Wields twin short swords in the shape of large trench knives and a plasma rifle with rapid fire and single fire and charged burst settings.
Skills: Blade master, assault expert, hand to hand master. Also quick thinking and acting, agile as well. Stealth master for the ability to take any job anywhere.

Disregard Jared, I shall use Ryan.
I will be using Oraia as is except maybe a bit of extra work on touching up her sheet and maybe a few other changes but otherwise as is.
SF, are you going to be active in this again?
Still open.
"Probably not."

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