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Jester is having some difficulty, so here's his.

Name: Karoline 'Kelly' Kolvaris
Build: Moderate/light build
Descendent: Nina Kolvaris, UED Remnant Leader
Appearance: 6' even with brown hair, ponytail and short hair around her head. Uses white armor with the UED heriltry. Suit resembles the Warpig armor, although it is signifigantly less large and bulky, tailored specifically for officers or high-ranked individuals. Black-visor
Personality: Shy person who avoids growing attached to people, due to what happened before she lost her memory. Has habits from military
Behavior: Follows military behaviors, likes to get all the info before making a move. Avoids growing attached to people, and acts very fast in combat.
Skills: Good with exotic or heavy weapons, along with a good knowledge with mechanical things and computers. Has good hearing, and an excellant sixth-sense, making it almost impossible to sneak up on her.
Weapon: Variable Laser Rifle that lets her choose the firing rate, power, and range. The Rifle runs off her suit's power supply, which recharges fine. Has a bayonet, and a shotgun for the Rifle.
Name: Jereco "Hawkeye" Alexander

Body build: average

Descendant: Sir Alexander; a famous Fleet Admiral.

- Bio; A former combat medic, Jereco became a contract mercenary and an expert marksmen.
- Appearance; about 6 foot, muscles like a swimmer, European decent with a well-weathered face, gray-blue eyes, short-cropped dark brown hair, some stubble, hunting boots(black), military cargo pants(green camo), tee shirt(white), reenforced leather bracers(brown), armored vest(green camo). (clothes described are worn under his armor; see equipment)
- Personality: Careful around those he doesn’t know but far more open with friends. Highly protective of the weak, to betray him is to sign your death warrant.

Skills: Well trained in mixed martial arts. Near expert marksman. Wide array of survival skills. Trained field medic.

Equipment: High-powered battle rifle with retractable 6” bayonet and collapsable scope. Pair of brass knuckles. 18" vibro combat blade. Advanced combat med kit. Stealth armor with an active cammo system.

* * *

My updated Char sheet.

Added advanced combat med kit.
Changed names.
Changed Appearance.

Sorry about all the editing, but it's coming to me in chunks. :/
SON OF A-B¡TCH!*breaks random clipboard on knee*

Just kidding, its fine.
I will be more harsh on situations, but you will in the beginning get a few nice things and the rest will be !@#$. The nice things are for plot reasons (memories and such)
Ah, so a run through hell. Good to know.
I'm working on an update for Oraia's sheet so .... give me a bit.
BTW, CR said he was planning on staying on, don't know if he's going to make any changes to Devise, so yeah.
- Korozain
Im going to be gone for a bit, dont know how long just know i wont be around for a bit for a while.

I will be on during the day on weekdays though. If I charge my school computer...

For those who missed it in the Bar.
LAunch Date: This Friday.

IF you are interested, get your sheet in now or just tell me that you are. So I can extend for you. Once I make the official thread, not accepting any late characters unless its damn good.
You already now I'm joining... going to start off in the wintery area so I can work on my sheet some more.... Been busy in my head. I was no busy physically... But I was busy mentally.
Well, starting thing will work a little differently this time...

I will be adding in little transmissions between tomorrow and Friday (So, like 3) describing how things will play out this time.

I'll say this. You come in with ships and you later access something inside said ships. Ships are on different areas of the Moon.
This friday... I have a D&D game that evening and cleaning to do, so I don't know how much I'll be on...
Saturday? Or some time next week? (I want to start with everyone)
Friday night I work until 8pm Eastern. Saturday somewhat works but I work 3:30-7 pm Eastern. And I'm almost done with the updated sheet for Oraia
I want to say next Monday... But nobody likes Monday....
So, everyone okay with starting Monday? Or should I declare this Story dead?
I'm fine with it also updated char sheet to be edited in shortly.

Character Name: Oraia Raynor
Race: Terran (part zerg) [NOT infested]
Build: athletic (Light-Average)
Descendent: Jimmy Raynor and Sarah Kerrigan
Appearance: Oraia has a few zerg tendrils entwined with her fiery red medium length hair (think HotS Kerrigan but with her normal hair as well and fewer tendrils) which she keeps tied back in a pony tail. She stands about 5’5”, has brown eyes, lightly tanned skin, a mark of Erini on her left shoulder blade [] and has a psi index of 11. She wears a modified spectre suit with a white Kitsune painted on the left shoulder.
Personality: Oraia is a bit laid back but will follow orders, shy around people she doesn’t know, once she gets to know someone she is very friendly and hates the zerg even when she controls them.
Skills: Mechanic, Psionic. Survival Skills, mixed martial arts, infiltration, field repairs, rapid regeneration, control zerg, telekinesis and telepathy
Weapons: Modified Warp Sword, Plasma Assault Rifle
You're starting with us so that stuff is to advanced to start with. Also, just thought of this. Jester, not required, but might want to tone down the power of the Laser rifle ya got.

Zarkun, you didnt post a starting weapon
01/12/2013 08:18 PMPosted by Zarkun
Wields twin short swords in the shape of large trench knives and a plasma rifle with rapid fire and single fire and charged burst settings.

This is his starting weapons. It's been passed down since Jake, and kept in excellent shape.'s old XD

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