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Eh, nevermind what I said about the weapon thing. And I changed your weapons Zarkun
Can you quote the change?
10/31/2012 04:50 PMPosted by Korozain
Weapons: Wields twin short swords in the shape of large trench knives and a plasma rifle with rapid fire and single fire and charged burst settings.
That's...exactly what I had...
Well on the updated sheet there was no weapon thing. OR I missed it and it wasnt on the sheet page.
Oh, that's what you meant. No, there was no weapons thing.
Don't worry, Koro, the weapon power changes with the ROF. Less ROF, higher damage, and visa versa.
Mkay. Just trying to get more balance this time.
I will work on a starter weapon but I would like to start with the sword if that is OK.
I would say something with a regular blade for now. Warp Sword is a little... Much.

In my opinion. And a plasma rifle. Plus you're psionic.
Your individual ships crash on separate areas of the Northern Boreal Forest/Tundra. You may start with another person if you choose to do so.
War, you up for starting together again?
No problem. Our char's always seem to work well together anyway.
Indeed they do.
Hey, what assault specialist wouldn't want a sharpshooter looking out for their 6?

I suppose I can't argue with that lol.
Anyone want to start with a mildly psychopathic killer who harnesses the power of Darkness, fear, and destruction? >:3
Ah... not it?

Morph? Jester? CrymsonRaven? Anybody?
Nope, sorry. My character doesn't go with the whole Doom and Death deal, plus she isn't a psionic. Had a chosen a descendant of Omicron (Or the man himself, still deciding on how long I want his life span to be) then I would agree.

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