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Oh yeah, thats right... You aren't psionic anymroe. Just me and Morph.
01/20/2013 04:15 PMPosted by Korozain
Anyone want to start with a mildly psychopathic killer who harnesses the power of Darkness, fear, and destruction? >:3
Eh... Sure why not... Could have some dark (I know.... Already did it once but this will be more structured) history for Jen. Maybe she was a killer in a past life... Using people to survive.... Using them to reach her goals.
Okay, cool. We'll be up on a large hill in the tundra.
Where will I start at?
Everyone's going to be at a ship crash.(Nothing passed the size of a heavy transport) You'll be near me on a large (almost mountain-like) hill. In the tundra.(waaaay North)

I'll be somewhere near the top.
hmm .... now where do I want to start ... and Koro I have an idea as to how Oraia can have her sword without having the warp part of it and as for the gun yeah in the begining that would be a bit OP so I guess just a gauss rifle or another Assault Rifle.
Morph, Jester's gonna kill you if you don't go to HB right now.
I changed it to the C-90 "Spiker" Assault Rifle. Basically the Gauss Rifle, but the rounds are larger and has a lower ROF.
Korozain... For my little Rebel RP (Zarkun's idea that he passed down to me), would you like to be one of the main Villains? Maybe a Dominion Special Forces team? Things done to them and etc... Experimentation done to them to make them more lethal, a couple of them could be gestalts.
Hmm... I usually do well as the guys fighting against the oppressors... I'll see how I do as a Dominion "Hades" Team. (If you allow my own experimental thing)
Also, I'm postponing the start for tomorrow. I have some things that need to be dealt with today...
Okay, Korozain. I just came over to you since you enjoyed the murderous role. If you have DA and come over to the chatroom... We could discuss it there. But from how things are going, there's going to be a Marxist group... And at least two other Rebel groups that people get to join. I'll have my main DM one.... Might have Zerg so I can also throw in some more mayhem.
The Rifle is fine. want to know what I was thinking for how she has the sword but not the 'warp' part or should I just do that in the actual RP?
Wait a minute here! CR, what kind of chaos are you planning to unleash on the poor people of these forums?
Damn pressure.... Warhawk... Why?
The little tidbits that I've picked up sound interesting. I'm just curious, that's all.
Nothing much... I know that Zarkun is making a Rebel Group and I need to figure out another one...
What RP (or planed RP) is this for? I'm really interested..
(plot, setting, etc.)
It's my RP that Zarkun passed down the idea down to. For the Rebel one... We effectively need one more Rebel group as we have Marxists... Zarkun's.... And another.
huh... sounds like it'll be a lot of fun.

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