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Just submit the edit when you can, my impatience is growing... (And plus I started moving toward your ship's smoke so...)
Okay.... But I do have a name. Fox Natalist.
And I'm sorry I didn't get the edit in anytime soon.... But I've forgotten and then there's the whole been "busy" thing.
Its fine. For now just -wait, still a girl?- input name and new weapon if you choose to change start weapon and start because like I said, I'm getting impatient.

Actually I wont be on for a few hours after this post.
It's still a girl.

Fox Natalist
Chamber Pistol (8 Shot with a powerful hit if shot at the right spot)
Decorative Combat Knife, feathers hanging off the handle as decoration.
I added the changes.
Name: Jereco "Hawkeye" Alexander

Body build: average

Descendant: Sir Alexander; a famous Fleet Admiral.

- Bio; A former combat medic, Jereco became a contract mercenary and an expert marksmen.
- Appearance; about 6 foot, muscles like a swimmer, European decent with a well-weathered face, gray-blue eyes, short-cropped dark brown hair, some stubble, hunting boots(black), military cargo pants(green camo), tee shirt(white), reenforced leather bracers(brown), armored vest(green camo). (clothes described are worn under his armor; see equipment)
- Personality: Careful around those he doesn’t know but far more open with friends. Highly protective of the weak, to betray him is to sign your death warrant.

Skills: Well trained in mixed martial arts. Near expert marksman. Wide array of survival skills. Trained field medic.

Equipment: High-powered battle rifle with retractable 6” bayonet and collapsable scope. Pair of brass knuckles. 18" vibro combat blade. Advanced combat med kit. Semi-powered stealth armor with an active cammo system.

* * *

I forgot to change his name in the bio and adding his armor.
Bold text is the changes, everything else is the same. Sorry about all this.

Name: Jerus Je'and
Race: Terran
Body build: Average
Descendant: Je'and, Zar'kun Je'and-First Blood Letter
Description: Jerus is a member of the Blood Letters, a group of people who use blood based powers and drink the blood of a slain foe, increasing their power. When on a blood covered battle field, they could absorb the blood to give them a temporary boost in power or heal wounds faster. He and other Blood Letters were fighting to protect their sanctuary when Jerus was called away. Is somewhat blood thirsty and always looking for a good fight. Prefers solitude by will work with others if necessary. Don't interrupt him during his training or rituals or you might find yourself a bit bruised and bloodied. Wears black and blood red armor with small spikes on the shoulders and a skull shaped helmet. When not wearing the helmet, his hair is white with blood red eyes.
Skills: Master hand to hand combatant, expert marksman, blade master, and bloodmancer
Weapon: Spritus Raptor, a double sided scythe that allows for focus bloodmancer attacks (Think Darksiders 2), and Mortifer, a machine pistol that fires life draining rounds.
added, wait... Was he supposed to replace ryan, or add as another char?
Add. If Ryan fails, I'll remove him, but I can do two characters.
!@#$, one second...
All good.
[App deleted]
Name: Marina Ravius

Race: Terran/Protoss hybrid.

Body build: Light

Descendant: A descendent of the man named Zaros, on his daughter's side of the family tree, Cynthia Ravius.

Bio: She has had quite a bit of experience on the battlefield and has a well established knowledge of tracking and is able to use almost any weapon. She never hired herself out as a mercenary or joined an army and simply joined a cause she found right. She is plagued by something all of her blood relatives share.
Personality: Generally kind, calm, and not very aggressive, which is strange considering her family tree. She is quite trusting and is fairly intelligent.
Appearance: She has Psionic appendages down to her shoulders, she is roughly 5' 8" and rather pale skinned. Her eyes are a violet colour.

Skills: She is a skilled hunter and tracker. She is a proficient marksman and has mastered the ability to wield a sword. She is quite capable of using Psionics.

Abyss Blade: A long straight sword made out of a pitch black metal and is impossible to break. It is very powerful, being able to slice through a lighter Zerg carapace like a knife through butter. It is roughly 125 cm long.
Crossbow: The appearance is of this, but black. It delivers powerful blows with a variety of arrows, primarily piercing barbed ones, the arrow heads are made of the very same metal as the blade of the sword, and so is the Crossbow, but the shaft of the arrows are made of steel.
Dac, this is interesting. But with that, I will have to put you in a little later. When Bandits become more abundant. And that will be in the Jungles and Deserts.

SF, I trust you will be active in this, so ACCEPTED.

You will start with the barbed bolts and find others, or find out how to make others later.
Name: Alex Wilson
Race: Terran
Body build: Average
Description: Tan skin, large brown eyes, short brown hair, rather muscular. 6'0, 180 pounds, wears a T-shirt with or without a sweater and a pair of jeans.
Semi-polite, not too friendly, likes to be heard, is 25 years old. He's a cocky fellow, who nonetheless has excellent survival instincts.
Skills: Worked various odd-jobs, never landing that good of one.
Weapon: A hunting rifle he grabbed before leaving, ammunition, and a bowie knife.
Backstory: When it happened...he lost everything. He ran to the stores, raiding any supplies that he could. He ran across the other two by accident, and stayed with them, and quickly became the group's leader.

Name: Terri Svedson
Race: Terran
Body build: Light
Description: 5'5, 125 pounds, long blonde hair and large green eyes. Slender, petite build. Wears shorts and a T-shirt or jeans and a sweater.
Happy-go-lucky, the brains of the group, she's friendly to all strangers, trying to stay friendly with as many people as possible. She's 20 years old.
Skills: Technology
Weapon: Shotgun, butcher knife.
Backstory: Attended a university for technology, then, when it happened, she went out, taking what she could. She stumbled upon the other two at the same point, and had similar thoughts.

Name: Lenny Dud
Race: Terran
Body build: Heavy
Description: Huge. 6'8, 260 pounds, extremely muscular, extremely strong. Wears a baseball cap, as well as a football jersey. Is African-American, with smaller brown eyes and baldness.
A bit of a simpleton, but loyal and very friendly, perhaps overly so.
Skills: Raw strength
Weapon: Baseball bat, pistol
Backstory: Was a football player, before it happened. He left town, bewildered, and came across the other two, who have since helped him.

Note: These people will not be members of the main group, but rather will be on there own.
Ok, accepted. You will be a part of our group eventually though.
Name: Jessica Flint
Race: Terran/Zerg/Protoss
Body build: Light
Descendant: Flint Family: Patriarch: Johnathan Flint Sr Matriarch: Danial Flint/'Dynamite'/Glitsrinn, Both members of a mercenary group which Sr lead for a period of time as a regent.
Description:Jessica was named after a close friend of the Flint family patriarch and resembles her rather well. She is trained in infiltration and mechanical repair. She is also a melee specialist and has an increased precision is measurements which strangely doesn't affect her ability as a sniper.
She is rather distrusting of people at first and prefers to be alone, exceptions to this are when her or a family members life is at risk. She prefers the company of machines and loves to work on them as it brings calm to her nerves.
She has long blood red hair with Protoss tendrils showing on the back of her head, has green eyes, is slim, stands at about 6'4", and Attractive. Wears basic pilot fatigues with the name patch with the name 'Flint' stitched to it.
Skills: Psionic, Shapeshifter, Master Mechanic, Master Pilot, Infiltration specialist.
Weapon: Modified C-10 Canister Rifle, Dual Kaiser blades, (Both items are heirlooms from Ivan Flint who had aquired from his father. They orginally belonged to Jessica, the spectre from who she earns her name.)
LeKroger this is, if I remember correctly set somewhere around the year 5200 or so.
EDIT: as posted by Korozain
10/31/2012 04:50 PMPosted by Korozain
The year is 5978.
I feel a need to point out that you don't need to list your a abilities, unless it's for your reference.
I must have missed that. I can edit to roll a new char if need be.

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