Techsuit Warfare VII

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I sigh and sit down where I was standing.
I'm sorry Ginei....
Dani frowns. "It's okay. She'll make it. As long as that necklace of hers is on, she's fine."

"What the hell?" "I don't get it either. I can't . . . what just happened?" "NO WAY! IT WORKS!" "F*ck."
Do you need me to create the new PKA thread?

And I might have a plot hole dump them back out on has rekindled an interest for some odd reason, plus it felt nice to take it off my chest for even a little bit of time...
Feel free to make it.
I look at Dani. "Necklace what necklace?"
Dani raises an eyebrow. "The random chemical dispenser necklace we bought her together seven years ago?" Dani puts a hand to her temple. "Don't tell me. You just signed the card without checking the box's contents, didn't you?"
"That depends what was I doing before I signed the card?" I try to recall the memory.
Dani chuckles. "You had just come back from that trial against that Regulator who rear-ended your Goliath in the Halloween parade."
Frak, what I miss here?
Not your plotline events.
"Oh that drunk prick... He was lucky little bugger...." I ponder a bit longer. "Ah yes I remember now, vaguely but yes."
Cool. Now to make some.

IC: "Julia, how much longer?"
Dani laughs. "You probably remember more about the trial than Ginei's birthday party later that day."

"Half an hour until we dock on the Petite Mort."
"Sadly I don't remember much of either. I think some of the local vegetation has messed with my memories..."
"Thanks. Could you....maybe put me in a better spot? This isn't the most pleasant place to be." I was flapping with her tail, the wind attempting to rip my grip from it.
Dani frowns. "It'll be fine."

Julia flicks her/its tail forward, flinging Kayle into a massive nostril.
"Not really Dani. I feel like there is more that I should remember..." I move away from the edge and back to Dani. "Maybe the time away from here will allow for my memories to restore."
I sigh and get comfortable. "Please don't sneeze."
I sigh again and lean against Dani.
"Oh well least I am back off that planet and with you again." I smile at her
Dani smiles back. "And I'm glad. Another few days and I would've lost my damned mind."

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