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Now we just need zanon
11/05/2012 12:56 PMPosted by TheLostMorph
Now we just need zanon
He left...
I know that :(
Hmm dragon seems to be taking forever
OOC: Back.

IC: "Well, if it's too long to tell, I can go without it, but otherwise I'd be interested."
OK ya know what scrap the use of transporters for now though I do think they should be available for use if needed by the group for say fast escape but for now can kit just be cloaked and walking a short distance from the rest of the group? (Within about 5-10 meters.)
name- tyone
age- 27
abilitys-1. (active) stedy aim, (passive) hide
weapons-sniper rifle (30 damage and 10 range) and a pistol (5 damage and 4 range), sword(15 damage and meela range)(sword is family airloom)(patracan)
specifics- always secrative, 6 feet tall, always wearing a black cloak, (under cloak wears black long sleave leather shirt, wears long black leather pants, wears black leather gloves, wears black leather boots, always wears a black mask )
back story- born into a tribe of tarrens how have lived on a plant which has no name no other villages and is coverd with mountins over time they had evolved to survive. the color they where repersents the job they do.
back story on weapon- the weapon was givin to my great grandfather as a gift from the greatest black smith on the plant when my grandfather was leader of the villige and after his death my grandfather took the sword but not the villiage.
Looks good, but Zarkun's going to say you need a melee weapon and that one of your weapons needs to be a family heirloom.

I chuckle;
"For connivence, I'll gloss over the details. My family has always been hunters, going well back to old earth. For almost as long, we've been responsible for keeping the demon blade, Deamos, from falling back into the hands of a greater true demon."
I say, the blade materializing in my hand.
Hehe partly my fault I forgot about the melee & heirloom weaponry when I looked over his post, we are friends irl.
William is puzzled by this.
"Huh, interesting....must be quite a bit of pressure, eh?"
I grin;
"It was at times... But things came to a head about a week ago; when the original owner of my blade, Avenger, broke through to reality. We fought and I won; effectively changing my job to a figurehead role. Not a bad change, all things considered, but it came at a price. I wasn't always like this."
"Yep, he used to look like a regular person...then crazy stuff happened. Well thats the very simplified version of it."
"Yeah, Michael summed it in a nutshell."
"Always like what?" said William, pretending to not notice.
I shake my head, now far more serious;
"No, things like this are supposed to once every couple of decades. Although it's been one of the most extreme; several other unusual things have happened as of late..."
"Would you like me to fill you in or would you rather not hear?"
"If you wouldn't mind, I'm sure it would be quite the story."
I nod to Michael;
"Go ahead, tell him. You've probably got a clearer memory of the whole thing than I do.."
i have updated my info stuff to include some back story
OOC: Semi-large text bomb coming up!

IC: "Well, here's the story. Seraphim used to look like a regular person when i met him. Turns out that our familes knew each other. Anyway, some time after the first hunt and tournament, it turns out that the demon that used to be the owner of his sword was planning to reenter and conquer the world. We managed to stop him after some battling but not before he dubbed Seraphim his successor. Then... he began turning demonish... Afterwards, he sent the demon army back to whence it came. After that, a balancer came to try to change him back and then there was some argument in which at the end, a strange being came and stopped all the arguing. Then... he turned Seraphim into what he looks like now. Anyway, thats the story. Any questions?"

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