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Dragon, Need a name for the sword then you're good.
Added swords name to info thing
Is it possible for me to join the rp at the point it is at
William looked stunned and confused, and put on a weak smile to conceal it.

"No, no that's fine thank you....so who are we going to take care of?"
Yes it is. Sorry, I'm all over the place with RPs.
Where is town that you guys are going to
Ii mean what is its name
Or whatever area you are going to
Please learn to use the edit button.
Ok but how can I get a answer
You wait.
Just stumble upon the group. Nothing major.

Tyone walks and see a group up ahead check my supplier and decides to go see what it is about. Walks up to the group
*Eye twitch* dragon u need spell check very badly but for now. supplies, decides, He walks...
Ok I am not using my computer for this
You're fine. Let us know when you reach a comp.
I am using my iPod and apparently i do have a spellcheck
Ok how long untill we start rping
Should of edited for that
Zarkun did u get my post from earlier? If so I'll edit in an ic.

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