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Which Post? And we need more of the others. I DM only when needed.
You put it in Malthesim, not DH.

I laugh at his obvious confusion;
"It's quite alright, I'm still wrapping my head around all the details myself.."
Ok I will wait for the rp to post
I don't even have a malthe tab da Fuq
@Zarkun Page 2 post 25
dragon, the RP is going, and Morph, I only have to ok extreme things, not that.

Tyone walks and finds a group. Checks supplies and decides to go see what this new group is here for and to see if they have any supplies he can buy
Walks up to the group

As an important note to those who have recently joined; the existence of monsters is common knowledge. We're working with an alternate SC universe, I guess you could say.

I nod to the stranger;
"Hello there, can we help you with anything?"
I ask.
OK just wanted to ask anyway.

IC: Kit looks around at the group then around the woods ( im assuming their in some sorta woods or forest) scanning for anything that might be hostile (undead wild animals etc)

"I saw you guys and came to see why you are here"
OOC: Try and concatenate your posts, don't use ~5 posts to describe something that could easily be fit into one. Its easier for everyone!

...Zarkun, should I get writing descriptions and stats for Solaris, weapons, and a few other tidbits on The Ways?

And hurrah, my phone died! Again! ...I've lost count around the hundreds mark. Sheesh.


Noct takes a quick glance at their pair of newcomers, slightly curious as to why all the new arrivals were showing up. With a chuffled laugh, he simply continues thinking to himself 'why?' Perhaps some curious phenomena led most of them here? And better yet, why were they simply wandering about at this time? Isn't that begging to be picked off by some stray ghoul?

Hey Brother!

Shush! Noct shrinks visibly as his doppleganger's voice issues from the small vial around his neck, unheard to most.

Hey! Hey! Hey! Listen!

...What now?


Noct visibly twitches, whirling around and facing away from the group. His appeared quite murderous. Pinching the vial between two fingers, his eyes half lid, and a strand of black within the vial quickly expands over the little container. Letting out a dark chuckle, he plants a few nightmare realities within the little object, and quite happily relishes Solaris's silly attempts to wade through them unharmed.

So say the least, it was quite the spectacle.
Well, that would be a good idea. Makes it easier on me.
Gakk (being attacked by my 3 years old nephew) @Zarkun what? Or who was this even directed at?
"Uhhhh.....does he always do that?" says William nervously.

OOC: RPing in the third person is hard, I'm going to use first person now, lol.
"Um? oh Noct?"
I say gesturing to the scythe-wielding fellow;
"Yeah, took me a bit to get used to myself... He's a complicated guy.."
@Morph: morrjo.
Ahhh OK though idea for rp have the group get attacked by something; undead, wild animals (bears etc), undead animals (I've seen necros do crasy stuff). This was only an rp no need to actually use it
11/06/2012 05:25 PMPosted by Dacder
OOC: RPing in the third person is hard, I'm going to use first person now, lol.

I find RPing in the 1st person really hard and the 3rd person really easy!
You RP random encounters, not me. I only do the story relevant ones.
11/06/2012 05:39 PMPosted by MarkusDaWise
I find RPing in the 1st person really hard and the 3rd person really easy!

Agreed, its quite a bit easier, and the words come much smoother to mind and keyboard.


Bending his head so that a blue eye could face William, he puts on an inquisitive face, shortly replaced by a slightly crazy smile and a short string of cackles.

"Well, with so many human customs to get used to, whats the point of memorizing a zillion different types? I just act like myself!"

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