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Okay I got lost there so there two group who are switched between randomly
OK *smacks self for being stupid*
@Drago no one group two different conversations and it seems not many people have even noticed you

IC: kit continues to scan (visually and otherwise) the surrounding forest noting a few anomalies but she could not figure out what was causing them. Probably some small animal that isnt showing up Kit thinks to herself before turning towards the group and ignoring the anomalies. She also finally confirms the arrival of a new person to the group.
@dragon: One group, many conversations.
In case of confusion, I'll just explain to him Noct and Solaris.

The two are essentially "brothers", both of whom have separate bodies and minds, Though, due to Solaris's love for... perverse shenanigans, Noct keeps him locked up in an extra-dimensional vial around his neck. For punishment (Read: For the heck of it), Noct is fond of simply deciding to screw with him by modifying the reality inside the vial for any unwanted behavior.

Also, its getting rather late where I am. Damn these different timezones, screwing with me...
Heh ya dragon has a similar time table to me for being on the forum though I stay on a bit later.
@ morrjo I know right I just LOVE different time zones (voice would be dripping with sarcasm)
I look at him with a light-hearted smile.
"That's certainly an interesting solution to that situation!'
OOC: Have to get off now D:
Well no ones on till later I really need to get a time frame for this
Usually seems the others return ~6 pm our time drago
11/07/2012 01:43 PMPosted by TheLostMorph
Usually seems the others return ~6 pm our time drago

You really forgot the n in dragon
Be patient folks. I spend all day waiting, a couple hours won't hurt you.
I know
No I didn't drago
11/07/2012 01:58 PMPosted by TheLostMorph
No I didn't drago

You did it again stop forgetting the n you are doing that without miss spelling arn't you
OOC: Can we please get back to RPing?
I am in
I just don't know what to do right now
@Drago correct
RP away guys. You don't need to wait for everyone.

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