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I look at him with a light-hearted smile.
"That's certainly an interesting solution to that situation!'

"Yeah... Noct, would you mind keeping things under control when we reach the town?"
I say.
So what happened? I'm getting so lost on DH.
@Zarkun Ok
@CR well currently the group is on its way to the town with the necromancer dragon just joined the group sorta and see below

IC: Kit whirls back around her cloak shouting off in a wave of gold energy, because of the sound of breaking branchs trees etc just to see a number of undead bears come rushing from the underbrush directly at the group. "Ahh hell!" Kit exclaims as she draws Hos lIngwI' and rapidly readies herself for a battle.
We're off on another mission. go check on the first page for a briefing (post number 4)

I turn, drawing my soul-storm revolvers;
"Heads up! we've got company!"
I yell, letting loose a stream of gunfire.

I hate to be like this, but please; better punctuation and smaller chunks of text!!!

I turn quickly, run within range and begin shooting them with my Model-13.
"Take that, demon spawn!"
I know the mission, and don't create enemies without Zarkun's permission...you don't know what's out here, and Linnzie would have smelled them way before they got here.

IC: The undead, their weakness was light...light surrounded the darkness filled right arm with Hermes in the right hand. Increasing the power out of Hermes while encasing the bullets in light energy.

The light bullets hit the undead bears, thus making them break apart as it tore them apart. "Light, an undead's weakness...but not necessarily another creatures weakness."
I ok'd random encounters, CR.
Well, their mistake on making them undead...they redead now.

"I still have not got a awser to my question yet"
OOC: Sorry I'll try I'm more of a spelling and word usage not so much punctuation.
@CR not if they came from the direction the wind is blowing if there even is a wind atm
@Dragon love the lack of reaction there

IC: Kit launches a single energy slash from her sword which cuts one of the bears in half, just before Linnzie's attack hits that bear. Kit looks around expecting to see a bunch of the bears run past but sees them all now dead once more a few feet ahead.
"Well that was slightly unexpected though ... easy." Kit remarks before sheathing her sword in its tiny dagger sized sheath.
William turns around and looks at Graal.
"Uhhh....nice job..."
"Can I get a awser my question to why you guys are here"
Linnzie is third person, Graal is first.
11/07/2012 05:13 PMPosted by Zarkun
Linnzie is third person, Graal is first.
OOC: Goddammit! I never get that right. -_-

Oh well, fixed.
Graal had hit the bear, Graal is first person.
IC: I sighed, such cockiness would be a downfall in the long run. "Don't be to cocky...I learned that the hard way." He then looks at the other. "Thanks...but we all still have much to learn."

Linnzie could smell the rotting flesh of the bear, it was terrible against her nose.
11/07/2012 05:10 PMPosted by TheLostMorph
"Well that was slightly unexpected though ... easy."

I laugh;
"After fighting a demon lord, it takes quite a bit for something to be a challenge."
"Who do I have to talk to to get some awsers around here"
"I hadn't really noticed you two, who are you? If you don't mind me asking, that is." I say, turning to Graal and Linnzie.
Stands waiting for someone to answer question
*anime style double take* still zero reaction to the undead bears from dragon though he hasn't had quite the experience with rping as everyone else here so oh well

IC: hmm did nobody notice the big sword come from or return to a sheath far to small (normally) to hold it and that new guy didn't even so much as flinch. Kit said to herself as she moved back among the group. "Yeah I guess so I've fought some pretty tough !@#$ before to but I hate it when something is too easy." Kit says

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