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For the clans and chat channels.
leveling / XP is the only thing that bothers me
its just so "not starcraft"
more decals that are too small to notice and more portraits?
seems like a lot of design effort put into a project that doesn't really change anything except give people more hoops to jump through to get all of the content in this game
11/06/2012 03:38 PMPosted by VIPER
For the clans and chat channels.

That narrows it down to:


I've been enjoying Clan Support in the beta a lot; but the Chat Channel, Clan Info Page, and News page all need a lot of work.

Chat Channels

To start off with, the clan chat channels really need moderation abilities (kick, ban, designate) and the leader should also be able to set the clan chat channel to public, if he so desires. Right now I have to set up a secondary channel; because people looking to join the clan cannot join the clan channel to be invited. (It doesn't help that, due to a bug, if you are privately messaging a player you cannot invite them to a clan, block them, or view their profile)

It is not just for people interested in checking out the Clan, though. I don't see why I'm not even allowed the option to let an occasional friend, curious person, or acquaintance into the clan channel if I so choose -- sometimes the Clan Leader just wants the channel to be public.

I understand the reasons for it defaulting this way, but I really feel it should be an option; any negative effects it causes are negated by Channel Moderation anyway.

The final two things I request (besides fixing the bug that causes the channel to wipe and break after games) are to make the clan channel be auto-joined and add a way to hide clan chat while in game. These are no small things. The Clan button is small and easy to miss -- I really think it's important that it is automatically opened.

Clan Info Page

I feel this page needs to be completely reworked into a more visual and informative page -- similar to a player profile page -- that can be accessed by clicking the clan tag in a players profile, or by clicking "view clan" on a player. (As well as being accessible through the "Find Clan" button on the clan tab, of course)

The "info" text that the Chieftain enters into it should only be a part of this page. It should also show statistics and information on the Clan -- some examples:

  • The Clans full name and tag
  • Clan Statistics (Number of members, creation date, clan ladder rank)
  • Clan Description\Information (As currently)
  • Clan Joining Requirements (If applicable -- More Info Below)
  • Clan Website (If applicable)
  • “Join Clan” Button (More Info Below)
  • History of wars with other Clans (If this feature is added, which it should be!)
  • Possibly unique flag or decal

  • To explain the "join clan" button and joining requirements: Right now if you want to join a Clan, you have to be online at the same time as the Leader\Officers, contact them, and hope they aren't in game. It would be far more convenient for all involved parties if players could "apply" to join the clan on the clan info page, and then a list of players requesting to join could be available to the clan leader(s) to review at any time they wish.

    I would also really appreciate a "recommend for clan" button -- this way people could recommend someone they know the leader(s) (would show on the aforementioned page) so that the Chieftain would know when an applying player was a friend of another Clan member.

    Tying in with these two features: Automatic skill requirements. Many competitive clans in the past have required members to be of a certain rank. It would be a nifty feature to allow your clan to only allow requests or suggestions from players who are of a certain league or division rank.

    Overall; I'd like the clan overview page to be a more complete and comprehensive page them simply a paragraph of plain, unformatted text.

    Clan News

    The one thing this definitely needs is to allow clan members to create threaded comments on news articles. I have no idea if my Clan members have thread my new articles or if they have any questions or comments on them. I have to actively seek them out and ask them about it, or vice-versa.

    Past that; for news articles I'd really like the ability to imbed images, create clickable web links, and bold\italicize\underline text, create bullet point lists, and a higher character limit. And a pony. But no, seriously -- when creating news posts for a clan, you are often providing a wealth of information about events like upcoming clan tournaments, and having more text options to make everything easier to read would be great.

    Other than that -- please allow us to select and copy text from here (as a viewer, not an editor)

    Other Clan Changes

    Clans should be shown on the loading screen. (And in-game, in my opinion)

    For a clan leader\officer, it would be very nice to be able to see how recently clan members have logged on -- you often need to prune out inactive members so that you do not hit the max player limit.

    It would be nice to have all online members at the top of the member list, so you could see who is on easily. If not, they need to stand out a lot more. (Highlight the background behind online members?)

    It would also be nifty to be able to see how long you've been in a Clan.

    I really don't think you should be able to create a clan with one member. On the other hand, it was endlessly frustrating trying to get enough people in once place to create a clan, and not have anyone AFK to miss invites, making you have to restart. (There would be trolls as well, deliberately declining invites without telling you, to make the process fail)

    To solve this; make it like sending out friend invites -- an invitation to found a clan will be in their "inbox" when they log on. Another possible solution is to allow you to create a 1 member clan, but make it expire if it doesn't get to a certain size after a certain amount of time.

    Another thing I really wish was added is the ability to create a clan as a party -- I was disappointed when I created a big party and hit "create clan", only to have to invite them one-by-one afterwards.

    The limit is clearly to small -- I'm taking it for granted that it will be increased; but to what? Even if you have different uses in mind for Clans and Groups (and therefore, want the limit to be smaller for clans) there were legitimate "clan" clans who exceeded the 100 person limit (even when sharking the member list carefully to prune it a small as possible) and created up to 3 duplicate clans (Example; [FP1], [FP2], [FP3]) in order to get as many members as necessary.

    I don't think it should be any less then 150, myself.

    There should be a log of members who were kicked and added, and who did so. As the leader of my clan I sometimes see my member count randomly went up or down, and I wonder who was added and removed and which of my officers did it, and why. An "activity log" that shows these sorts of things, including Demotions, Promotions, changing channel to private\public -- you get the idea -- might be the best solution to this.

    There are still a couple of other features -- Message of the Day (please -- I don't really feel like the news section invalidates this) Clan Rank, Clan Wars -- but I'm pretty sure I've harped enough on those in other places.

    A lot of these, statements like "the member limit should be higher" which I don't really think need any more explanation.

    I suppose I could go through the whole thing and write further explanations on every sentence some time; but it would help me out a bit if you simply cut out the things you understand and leave me with the sections you want elaboration on.

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