Thunder's and Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 2)

Joeyray's Bar
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"You want a good fight? The Husks it pumps out are excellent fights."
"It is threatenink zis planet? Vhy?"
Elerian and Mozan once i get story and units up in a day or two.

I don't know enough about them yet.

CR, I know what Umbram is but not the other one.

Jester, I dont know what Kalavaris is. You probably told me I just dont remember :S
"Check some pages back." I reply, and take a drink.

The Fanatic orders more wine, and the Cultists order more Vodka. The Protoss appear to be talking, and one of them orders water. The Mercenaries continue to patrol the place.
The last one...I'ma gonna show you.

An entire squadron of Batail's unload a barrage of Sunburst Missile's, only firing a couple from each drone of course, but it still acts like a barrage. The missiles hit and the walls that it hit started to disintegrate.

"It's now or never."
@Mark post #103
backstory for Elerians and a description
"You f*ckers! Mess with my bar will ya?" I hit a large red button and a few Golems rise up, their rail guns firing into the drones. "They're attacking us for no reason."
The Protoss put a barrier over them, where as the Cultists and the Fanatic begins to fire out at the drones. One of the Cultists walks over to the bar, and sets a beacon down, the continues firing.
Another missile barrage came to the bar, but the members shot them all down except for one. The one hit a soldier in the leg, his entire body started to disintegrate in front of his eyes. He was screaming.

"Ouch...I wouldn't want to get hit by whatever that was."

A couple of the Batail crashed to the ground.
"Interesting turn of events. Oi Kasora! You recording all of this right? Them Broodlings better not fail and screw up like last time!"

[The Lurker lifts a claw up]

"We are going top Michael Baynard! Bloody man won't beat me again in the galactic box office ever again!"
A beam of Hard-Light energy hits a drone, turning it into nothing. "Yeah, b!tches, feel the pain."
"Ve vill not allow such a thing. Battleship, ve are returnink! Prepare for battle!"

They rush out.

I walk back in.

"well, that's that."
A wormhole opens up, and several Converted Confessors enter, their anti-air guns pounding away at the drones. A Phase Barrier creature enters as well, and deploys when missile approach the bar.

"CR, I find it odd that you're using an AA unit to attack ground targets." I comment off-handedly.
Jester, Maltheism has picked back up again.
"Dat explosion! Set up more cameras Kasora!"
I watch the battle continue and check the radar. All my people were attacking now. "Well, this just became a war."
Gartalus's were entrenched in a position near the bar, their Thermal Cannon's firing blasts of thermal energy. That was when a element of Tuladir's came racing through the air, strafing the ground with blasters and rockets.

LICENTIA was priming the energy barrier system for the troops down below. That was when things got interesting.

An elite group of Exanimis came bursting through every vent, every crawlspace...killing Broodlings that were watching.
A large flight of Shrikes engage the Tuladirs, blowing them out of the sky. "Haha, take that, b!tch!"
"Oh my word! I just landed on a goldmine! Make sure those equipments stay out of harm's way! Nothing will top the action in these scenes! Muhahahahaha!"
The barrier was erected across the troops, dampening damage against them. They fired back, the Gartalus's were firing their cannons on the air units, taking them down in a hot battle.

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