Thunder's and Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 2)

Joeyray's Bar
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*gulps Prismatic Void*

Ah, that's good. More, please.
I finish my drink in a gulp then say "that all? Mix up a little bit o' everything and throw it in the accelerator for a week then add a hydralisk spine umbrella." I then put a bunch of cress on the counter and look around noting all the kittens and dead bodies.
I gulp down mine with one swig. Shaking off the influence from the drink. "Okay...who put the remains of HBRB in here? So...much...insanity!"
11/10/2012 05:28 PMPosted by Zarkun
I burp, expelling smylez, then mix up CR's drink, using tongs to hand it to him. "Morph, you loose."


I reform and eat it.
I shake my head. "So you want an Ace Suicide with a little bit of everything? Ya-no. I'm not gonna blow this place up that early." I then chuckle at smylez. "You really think that was me you were in?"
"Why of course! I would know since I have an extensive file on your habits, personality, looks, DNA configuration, and liver identification!"
"That's what you think. No one has that kind of information on me."
A startled Lizalfos falls out of a plot hole and lands on Zarkun.
"Auhh darn it but don't forget the accelerator. Well for now I guess I'll take a jail breaker, hellracer, prismatic void, scoutmaster, bloody medic, enlightenment, hbrb and ace suicide and an hour of acceleration." I draw the skyward sword master sword charge a skyward slash and send it at the lizalfos.
"What is locked can be opened. What is hidden can be found. What is yours can be mine. No secrets can be forever covered."
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A startled Lizalfos falls out of a plot hole and lands on Zarkun.
I can't believe you forgot about us, because you didn't bring them out...? You came back and you didn't even celebrate yet with VODKALINGS!?
I kick it off and glare at KO. "I should shoot off your big toes for that."
Uhh wouldn't the skyward slash now hit you zarkun?
Oh, of course!

Vodkalings charge into the room and make a beeline for the Lizalfos.


They explode, covering it in alcohol.... along with the rest of the bar.

And morph, methinks my sister is responsible for this creature's appearance. And it's a Twilight Princess version.
*Glares at KO* "OK time to get my NRR back." *Calls kit and asks for my NRR which then materialises in front of me on the counter as a band of strange metal.*

Ahh well never played twilight princess at least not yet.

Takes out lighter "hehehe should I?" I say before flipping the top up and set my finger near the wheel.
Sigh as I reach for the phone. {Bring them in...} A Ursus came walking into the Bar, he had a mission...and it was classified.
I shake my head and shoot the object out of reach. "No bar fights."
I remember this one. A door closed on him an he vanished without a trace, not even the usual Zelda cloud of smoke.
*looks at CR and KO* neither of you have been on DH today *glare* but meh.
Other than the fact that nothing much is going on...I went ahead and saved me some possible hassle by not doing anything in there yet.

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