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Broodkings entered the fray, their spine worms tearing the forces apart. "KO, we need them to force that b!tch out."
The sound of something breaking the sound barrier is heard, and the Vaxarus join the battle. The Protoss begin telekinetically throwing the enemies around.

I look down at a list I have in hand, some notes regarding some experiment weapon types I had made, but never put to use. "I wonder how long till Ath's Zerg gets here." I say, not paying attention to the battle. The Mercenaries add their fire to the combat against the forces of LICENTIA.
Hold it smylez. I already filed a copyright, and my earlier video sold trillions of copies. Back off.

THe Imperial Battleship (salamander class) opens fire on the enemy platform with massive firepower, cruising closer so its Salamander Class Static Shields burn up the enemy shielding.
mozan backstory is up on zarkuns RP factions for all rps thread page 8 post 153.
"Woah, woah, WOAH! I don't see YOU recording and this is altogether a different video!"
I'm still recording. I copyrighted all of this.
Yep. Whatcha gonna do, sue me?

Though I'll hire you to record video for me, since you have some nice equipment.
The Batail's were flying out of the hangers, the Anti Air guns on the platform were spinning, spinning out super heated charges of energy at the Imperial ship, burning through the shields. Hitting the sides of the cruiser and starting the disintegration stage.

Why must you fight?
We are your salvation?
We are your life?
We are your death?
"Ve have dealt vis your kind before and vorse, AI. Ve vill kill you."

THe Imperial ships shields seem impenetrable, and the intense subspace static they generate is heating up the platform's hull to dangerous levels. THe battleship slowly brings its Primary Weapon to bear, meanwhile broadcasting a signal that disrupts computer thinking protocols.
I feel like throwing in an Honerverse SD squadron, but I probably shouldn't...
LICENTIA was laughing in the inside, such a group of people should know that every AI was different! Neither one was the same, and this one was surely different. She was built to adapt! The platform was activating it's warp drive and entering slipspace, the pull of such a force.

That was when the fight turned interesting, the platform was erecting a barrier from the heat. Two slipspace holes were opening, one for the platform...and another was forming in the center of the Imperial cruiser.
Fearhawks and Shrikes were intertwined with the drones, bringing down as many as were made it seemed. "Why won't she run?"
Sorry, anomaly shields prevent that. The Imperium often uses warp weapons, and as a result they and their enemies know how to prevent space/time nastiness.

The Primary Weapon was now aimed, and began powering. It had powered up slightly while aiming.

PW CHarge: 33%
Who said anything about ripping apart the ship with it?

The slipspace wasn't ripping apart the ship, instead several Batail drones were flying through, as well as several Exanimis leaping into it as LICENTIA approached the hole. The troops were inside of the Imperial Cruiser, just as the platform created a slipspace rupture from the intense heat. This one was to leave.

The view of the planet could be seen by the AI, the view of such a home. It was time to go back, for now.
I glance up, watching the fleet leave and watching the Vaxarus enter. "Zarkun, the Vaxarus are here. Hide."
"The Lawyers says otherwise. You don't want another Kayoh do you?"
The Imperial commander began laughing uproariously. To board an Imperial ship? THe height of folly. Nobody boarded an Imperial ship unless they outnumbered the crew at least 100 to 1.

"All crew members, prepare to repel boarders."

Technically the Anomaly shield would prevent that too, but perhaps the commander would allow it for fun.

And Smylez, I am not impressed by your lawyers.
The Batail were flying through the halls with amazing speed, unleashing devastating Sunburst Missiles up close, tearing apart the walls with such an intense heat. While the Exanimus were prepping their Charger Thermal Pistols and Superheated blades.
The Yeh-Ket powered their shields to full, drew their sabres and EAWs, and began destroying anything that came within firing range. THe drones found that their enemies could react with amazing speeds, and were strong enough to lift several times their own significant bodyweight.

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