Thunder's and Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 2)

Joeyray's Bar
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Exanimis leaped into the fray, sending out a small shockwave when they landed, the Yeh-Ket staggering as they pierced the first ones in view with their blades. The heat disintegrating the cells in their bodies.

The drones swerved past the Imperials, firing more missiles upon missiles inside the hall.
THe ship nanites were rapidly repairing the damage, the Flowmetal of the walls quickly retaining its old shape. Alerted to the danger of the new arrivals, the Yeh-Ket skillfully dodged enemy attacks and swung their heavy sabres. Each blow passed cleanly through a drone's body, leaving it in pieces.

PW Charge: 94%
The platform had completely managed to be engulfed by the heat, sending it into warp. Back towards the planet from whence they came.

The drones then just crashed into the enemy forces, exploding upon them and causing collateral damage. The Exanimis pushed on, pushing forward with death in their eyes.
Hey guys, I appologize for the inconviencence but I need those who submitted a custom race to resubmit it in the thread, thank you!

Even if you dont necessarily want to join the RP, your custom race would still be used. *cough* *cough* Zarkun *Cough*
THe warriors' shields protect them for the most part. Workers began carrying the wounded to sickbay.

The Primary Weapon fires, catching LICENTIA a stunning blow as it warps out.

THe cowards flee before us. Victory!

Can ve return to the bar? Ve enjoyed ze drinks there.

No, ve must be goink. Farevell, JoeyRayers. Ve vill return von day."


Oh great. Well, they're gone for now.
The living metal on LICENTIA was quickly repairing it, slowly but still fast compared to the most common repair techniques.

The Exanimis still pushed on forward, slicing and never stopping. Like a pack of hungry wolves, dangerous from just being hungry.
The Yeh-Ket suddenly retreat in something close to a panic, chattering back and forth in Latin.

A roar echoes through the ship corridors, followed by several others.
I return the Eques to their standby chambers, hiding them from known detection techniques and some unknown. "Hidden."
The Vaxarus engage the LICENTIA fleet, with a Super-platform leading the charge. A missile similar to that used by the Kevtul is fired, smashing into ships without shields and consuming them quickly. Weapons open fire upon the hostile fleet, and several minor ships deployed to engage the ships.
which thread?
Separatist Space, Discussion
"Uh, Jester? You gonna tell them that the threat is pretty much gone?"
"Uh, they won't be done till they can confirm the fact that nothing belonging to their hostile target is in the system." I say, then bring my voice to a whisper "That, or I can just have the Kalavaris teleport the fleet out, but just say the word."
I shrug. "Saves us a lot of debris. Make it so."
The Imperial ship is gone. I think they either jettisoned the remaining drones aboard their ship or took them with them for study.
I nod, and tap my tracker, then speak into it.
"I need you to open a wormhole to get the Vaxarus fleet out. Yes, I know you'll run the risk of warping them into a sun, just do it anyways."

The Vaxarus fleet disappears with little warning.
"Well, that was eventful. CR, keep a tighter leash on her."
"I learned my lesson at trying to control an AI stronger than I can handle...this is one of those moments. So pretty much, she can't be controlled." Looking at my PDA, the signal was getting weaker and then vanished. "Okay, she should be back at the planet by now, landing inside the planet."
"Good. Let's hope she stays there."
I walk over to one of the booths and take a seat. "Well, I'm off to bed. Night." I lay down in the booth and go to sleep.

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