Thunder's and Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 2)

Joeyray's Bar
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"Ah, you might want to use a bed upstairs."
"Oh, ok." I get up, and head upstairs.
I chuckle and shake my head, turning to the bulk of the room. "Drinks anyone?"
I nod;
"The usual."
I mix up a Bloody Medic and slide it down. "So, what was your take on the attack?"
I shrug, taking a sip of my drink;
"An escalation of the general chaos of the Bar. Not sure if I should have thrown something into the mix myself."
"My usual please" I say continuing to type and work out kinks in my back stories.
I slide down Morph's drink. "Well, that could have been bad had you. We already had quite the mess from all the others."
"Might have just cleaned it up quicker... megaton nukes and x-ray warheads don't leave much debris..."
I look at zarkun and war "with all that chaos I wonder what would have happened if I had detonated a 'little doctor' aka an M.D. device in the middle of all that."
"I would have beat your face in. We didn't need more chaos."
"But it would've removed em all though it also would have destroyed the planet."
"We only need the platform gone, not all the forces."
"Uhhh ya know what I'll just shut up and write for now."
"Speaking of shut up and write, the next chapter of King of Pirates is close!"
What did I miss this week?
I've kind of wondered but never asked about the "Make your own race" thing. How is that going for everyone?
11/15/2012 02:34 AMPosted by Zanon
I've kind of wondered but never asked about the "Make your own race" thing. How is that going for everyone?
You are writing pretty early...I'm only doing that because I'm getting ready for school. So how are you dong?

And it's doing good...the bar hasn't been completely demolished by us...yet.

@Drac, oh nothing much...a bunch of people needing you for Z&Z2, PKA...and etc. And Fantasy released a gas into the ventilation system on don't touch anyone.
Heh. I felt like wasting time, and since Knarled never got back to me on DH (hint hint) I decided to waste time with a mind game post in the "With Respect Sir..." Thread Vultureling made.
I bet you that the Vultureling is going to disappear as soon as people get interested in it.

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